Chapter 8 – After School

The three girls holding their bottled milk gathered around Ye Wen’s desk.

Lu Yu faced Ye Wen, winked her eyes with understanding and laughingly said: “It seems like Qiu Yi fell in love at first sight with you, ah~”

“How could that be?” Ye Wen replied without hesitation. Qiu Yi, my past self, has fallen in love with me? Is that even possible?

In her current situation… Ye Wen imagined herself together with her past self, appearing in her mind like a mirror depicting a bright and clear scene——Ah, that’s impossible!

“But, I think he’s just attracted to pretty girls for now, and Ye Wen is his deskmate, perhaps it’s just a favorable impression, at most, an admirer, love at first sight, is out of the question.” Jin Jing analyzed.

“Well… yes, that’s right.” Ye Wen expressed a strong approval, and at the same time, has taken it as her psychological comfort.

In the event that I really like myself, then what kind of hell is that!

During that time, her past self also seemed to be secretly admiring Jin Jing… … was it really just an admiration? Ye Wen once again contemplated.

The female students chatted for a while and gathered together after finishing their lunch, suddenly the surrounding of Ye Wen was filled with chatter, like a dozen of birds chirping all over the place.

By the time Ye Wen returned back from her reverie, she heard the girls have been talking about who is the more beautiful student or whoever liked them, and who is the most handsome student at their school.

“When it comes to beauty, it’s certainly my sister Jin Jing!” Lu Yu proudly recommended, of course, she did not forget Ye Wen, “There is also my other sister Ye Wen~ both Jin Jing and Ye Wen is tied at the first place in rankings!”

The girls didn’t continue to stay on this issue and soon changed to their next topic.

“I think Wang Xin is more handsome.”

“Tsk! what’s so good about that stupidly big guy, he’s just tall and a little bit strong, but not that handsome, nevertheless, Guan Yue is still better than him.”

“Guan Yue is handsome… … isn’t he just cute?”

“I think that Feng Yulan seems like a girl.”

“En, he really looks like a girl! if he has a longer hair you can basically not recognize that he’s a boy!”

“Even with his short hair, the first time I saw him, I couldn’t tell his gender at all.”

“When can we try to let him wear a women’s clothes?”

Thus, it was the start of the girls making plans to make Feng Yulan wear a girl’s clothes.

While the male students were talking and flirting with the girls, suddenly a great wind passed by Feng Yulan’s side and caused him to sneeze. “Who is talking about me?”

In the perspective of students, the time for a class has always been short, although the time given by the lunch break is a whole one and a half hour, it still slipped away before they knew it, the sound of the school bell has rung again throughout the hallway.

The activities in high school are relatively relaxed, learning is not at all pressing, and the teachers also do not insist on extending class after the time is up.

This learning environment seems a bit loose, but in such a situation can make the students more willing to learn, sometimes, being anxious for immediate success can result in contradicting your aspects and possible outcomes.

Ye Wen thought that ten years later, some schools will start teaching English from the 2nd grade of primary school, the courses that should only be taught in 3rd grade will be learned in advance from 2nd grade and this practice will continue even after the 5th grade, regardless of whether the children accept it or not, they can only firmly shove all of that information inside their small heads, the joy of life in their entire childhood was lost, when they grow up and look back at the past has gone, there would surely be nothing to recall.

But for Ye Wen, as long as she gives an effort to study, even if she only read a book, it will make her remember the things she has learned in the past, and naturally, there is no pressure on studying for her, therefore, she can afford to be distracted in class. For most of the time she is focused on looking at Jin Jing from behind, and occasionally glancing at Qiu Yi to see if he was looking at her, but to her delight, Qiu Yi didn’t always keep his eyes on her, apparently, it’s true that he merely had an admiration for beautiful girls.

Jin Jing’s supple single ponytail hangs behind her back, with a slight shake of her head, it was swaying in a pleasant manner, for a moment Ye Wen couldn’t hold herself back, she reached out her hand and gently grabbed the naughty ponytail, scratching the ends of it on her hand.

Jin Jing apparently did not care, only when Ye Wen got bored, she also grabbed her own hair to play with.

“The student——” said by the math teacher who is standing on the podium pointed at the position of Ye Wen, picked up the seating chart and looked at it, “Luo Liang, present?”

“Teacher, I am here.” Sitting at the side of the podium Luo Liang weakly waved his hand.

“Oh——how come it’s different from the seating chart?”

“The location of the transfer was not changed yet, she’s called Ye Wen.” Luo Liang explained.

“Oh… … student Ye Wen, don’t be absent-minded in class, come here, and solve the problem in the blackboard.”

“Eh?” Ye Wen was surprised but lasted only a few seconds, Jing Jing looked at her with sympathetic eyes, although she listened to the lesson earlier, she only understood a few of them, and obviously, the math teacher is deliberately making things difficult for her.

Ye Wen walked towards the side of the blackboard while examining the question before she came in front of it, she has already made a complete solution, and now didn’t hesitate to write the answer on the blackboard, the whole process of solving the problems only took a few seconds and it was answered in a standardized way.

“Well… … student Ye Wen your answer is correct,” the math teacher coughed a bit, “You can go back now, but next time, do not disturb the other students.”

The math teacher referred to Ye Wen who he caught playing with Jin Jing’s ponytail.

“Okay.” Ye Wen nodded and returned to her seat.

After she sat down, Jin Jing has taken the advantage of the teacher who turned around and said to Ye Wen: “Wen Wen you’re awesome! that was difficult to solve!”

“Yes, that’s right, I didn’t understand anything at all… …” Lu Yu nodded her head.

“Hehe… … it’s not bad… …” Ye Wen laughed dryly to the two who gave her modest remarks.

Jokes aside, she already became a university student, this kind of topic wouldn’t cause her a problem, even if she does not know what she was doing at all in her past three years of high school.

Finally, the most anticipated last ringing of the school bell sounded, the sound traveled onto the whole school, the students suddenly didn’t have the feeling of continuing their class.

The math teacher had no choice but to end his lessons for the day, and announced the class to be dismissed.

“Oh~” after the teacher’s announcement, the male students immediately got out of the door, at that moment the estimated speed of the outbreak is almost similar to Bolt.

After school, the students soon dispersed, leaving only the classroom cleaners of the day.

Jin Jing’s task is to sweep the floor, in fact, sweeping the floor is a much more time-consuming job than mopping the floor, in any case, if you used the mop or not, there are still some dirt that can’t be removed.

“Let me help.” seeing Jin Jing today, cleaning, Ye Wen did not rush to go back and volunteered to take a broom also.

“Thank you, my Wen Wen you’re the best!” Jin Jing laughed.

The friendship of the students is pure and simple, but today, Jin Jing suddenly classified Ye Wen as one of her own.

Ye Wen is very satisfied with this title, she felt like Jin Jing’s husband… …

Ye Wen always felt that cleaning after school is a very time-consuming job. But this was the first time she felt that it finished so fast, soon after she and Jin Jing said goodbye to each other.

The school under the setting sun… … appeared somewhat gloomy and bleak.

When Ye Wen got out of the school, there was a man wearing casual suit waving at her.


Ye Wen at first did not react, it took her two steps back to remember that her identity is now the eldest daughter of an affluent family.

“Miss, I am the new bodyguard and a part-time driver of yours, I am called Wang Hui, please get in the car.” Wang Hui politely introduced himself and then opened the door of the off-road vehicle.

There is also a chauffeur, rich people are truly different… …



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