Chapter 1 – Damn it! He Has An Affair!


At night, when she came home after work, Lan Xiaoruo opened her door and saw a naked man and woman sleeping on her new bed, hugging each other in an extremely ambiguous posture. Lan Xiaoruo’s face was convulsed with rage.


The only thing she could think was, “Damn it! I am betrayed again!”


She didn’t know the woman on the bed, but she knew the man even if he became a ghost. It was Xue Jian, her new boyfriend who had been with her for two months!


Damn! She’d had four boyfriends, all of whom cheated on her in less than three months!


She is twenty-three years old, has a beautiful face, a nice body and wealth. Her father is the president of today’s famous Golden Eagle Group, Lan Tian! It’s reasonable to say that she’s beautiful, smart and good-natured. Every man she is in relationship with should be satisfied, but why is she still so unlucky? Every time she found a new boyfriend, he cheated on her! She can’t bear it anymore! She just wants to find a man who can treat her wholeheartedly, is that so difficult?


A rush of anger rose from Xiaoruo’s heart and quickly spread all over her. She clenched her fists, closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Then she opened her eyes and grabbed a precious antique vase on the ground and threw it hard onto the bed.


“Ah!” Xue Jian was hit in the stomach. He got up and saw Lan Xiaoruo, in a second his handsome face turned pale. “Xiaoruo! You… you are back.” Then he grabbed the clothes scattering on the ground hurriedly and started to dress himself.


The woman awakened and looked at Lan Xiaoruo with sleepy eyes, she scolded acidly: “Who are you? How can you come into my house! ”


Xue Jian pushed her violently: “She’s my girlfriend! You! Get dressed and get out! ”


But the woman didn’t move. She stared at Lan Xiaoruo, her eyes were full of provocation: “Your girlfriend? Oh, I see. It’s Lan Xiaoruo, the beautiful and rich lady who is often betrayed by men around her. Beauty? Money? What difference does that make? Beauty and fortune can’t help you keep a boyfriend! ”


Your house? The rage in her body was billowing, this damned woman! Lan Xiaoruo grabbed the high heels on the ground and threw them at the woman and reviled: “Shameless bitch! Get out of here! ”


The woman was enraged, she dodged the high-heels and immediately grabbed the mobile phone on the bed and threw it at Lan Xiaoruo, shouting: “I won’t go! What can you do to me! ”


Lan Xiaoruo was furious, she tried to catch the mobile phone, but failed and her forehead was hit. The pain seared through her forehead, and she stumbled. She quickly leaned on the wall. She tried to touch her forehead, but quickly removed her hand as the pain resurfaced.


“Lulu! You’re crazy! ” Seeing this, Xue Jian slapped her right away.


She cried: “Xue Jian! You jerk! It’s you the cheap one who seduced me with sweet words! You still…… ”


Lan Xiaoruo could only feel her forehead aching. She stroked her forehead and slowly squatted down. The phone that Lulu hit her with was a “Rose” brand phone that she bought for Xue Jian. It was plain black with a metal case, a wide screen, and a thick body just as heavy as a stone. She once joked with Xue Jian that if she was hit by this phone, she would be stunned. However, she didn’t expect that it would really occur someday.


All the sounds around her began to disappear. She scolded “damned thing”, then fell to the floor.

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