Chapter 2 – I Became An Empress


People were sobbing in Fengluan Palace..


In the magnificent and extremely exquisite hall, a beautiful lady was lying on a sable couch, with her eyes closed tightly. Her forehead was covered with a handkerchief soaked with blood.


Two little maids knelt down in front of her and wept warm tears, sadly saying: “Our respectable Empress! You must not die!”


“Yes, master, if you die, we will die as well!”


The Empress is the niece of the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager is very fond of her so if something goes wrong, nobody in Fengluan Palace can survive.


The two maids thought of this, and cried much louder.


“So noisy! I’m still alive! Why are you crying? ” Then and there, the beautiful woman on the couch suddenly awoke and slowly sat up.


The crying stopped immediately. The two maids followed the sound at the same time. First they were stunned, then they were ecstatic. They knelt down and climbed over to her and hugged her leg. They cried with joy: “you are not dead, master! That’s great! We don’t have to die! ”


“That bitch was really vicious! Next time I see her, I’ll bring her to hell!” Lan Xiaoruo cursed. However, when she looked up and saw two young girls in ancient dresses holding her thighs, she couldn’t help but ask: “Who are you?”


Looking around again, she was even more curious: “Where is this?”


The two maids looked at each other, “What’s the matter with the Empress? Is she alright?”


“Madam, this is your bedroom Fengluan Palace. We are the maids sent by the Empress Dowager. My name is Xiaoli and her name is Xing’er. ” A maid explained carefully.


Empress? Empress Dowager? These two words confused Lan Xiaoruo for a while, she then looked around her at the magnificent and antique palace, there was no doubt that she had time traveled!


Seeing Lan Xiaoruo staring at them with doubt, Xing’er asked timidly: “my Empress, what’s the matter? There was a lot of blood on your forehead, would you like to call the royal doctor to have a look at it? ”


Lan Xiaoruo had just regained consciousness. She has now become the Empress of a country. What a surprise! A sly smile crept up to her eyes, and the unhappiness in her heart was swept away. “Now I have power, if someone dares to cheat on me again, I will kill him!”


But she frowned again. She was the Empress, thus her current husband was the emperor! There were more than three thousand concubines in the palace, and her husband could be unfaithful with no restraint, it’s disgusting! Did she have to live under the shadow of being cheated for her whole life?


Wait, what’s the sound? As she was thinking about this, suddenly a strange voice came from the back hall. It was a man’s rough breath and a woman’s coquettish voice, which sounded very flirty.


She looked over there.


Xiaoli and Xing’er looked at her strangely. After their master woke up, she laughed and frowned at the same time, which worried them a lot. Suddenly they saw her looking at the back hall, which made their face turn pale immediately.


“Who is there?” Lan Xiaoruo asked, it sounded like someone was doing something indescribable in her palace. This is the Empress’s bedroom, and the Empress herself is here!


“It’s your majesty and concubine Ling… ” Xiaoli voice was as low as a mosquito’s.


“What?!” Lan Xiaoruo rose her voice to a shriek, her pretty face suddenly darkened.


Come on! In modern times, she caught her boyfriends’ cheating four times. Is she going to do the same thing after her time traveling?


Xing’er trembled with fright, and said softly: “My empress, I’m afraid that you have to bear it. Just now you stopped the emperor, but you were insulted by them. You were so angry that you hit the wall. However, your majesty didn’t allow us to call the royal doctor. Now you’ve waken up, you’d better pretend to know nothing about it. Otherwise, if anything happens to you, it’s not easy for us to explain to the Empress Dowager. ”


Lan Xiaoruo didn’t speak but just sneered. She was not the person who could endure the humiliation! She could bear the cheating since he was the powerful emperor, but he was so bold that he didn’t even care about the dignity of his wife ! He insulted and scolded her, he didn’t care about her life. This kind of man was so vicious that she even wanted to kill him!


Thinking of this, Lan Xiaoruo threw away the bloody handkerchief and walked towards the back hall with the cumbersome palace dress.


Xiaoli and Xing’er were frightened, as they were about to pull her back, Lan Xiaoruo turned around suddenly, her anger disappeared, then she said to them with a strange smile, “Give me a cup of tea, I want to sit down and watch the show.”


Lan Xiaoruo almost made a big mistake. The emperor is the one who has the greatest power in the palace. Killing her is as easy as killing an ant, unlike modern law. If she rushes in to teach him a lesson, she will die for sure! No, she has to learn to be smart.


As soon as she changed her mind, she slipped into the room secretly.


On the luxurious bed in the palace, the brocade curtain was half opened. She could see  very clearly that there was a mess inside, and the atmosphere was hot. Gasping and moaning were coming out from there constantly. The room had become obscure which completely differed from the original peaceful vibe.


Sitting on a red sandalwood chair, Lan Xiaoruo wrinkled her nose in disgust, thinking that the emperor was really shameless.


Xiaoli brought in a cup of tea and handed it to Lan Xiaoruo. Then she and Xing’er retreated with blush. The Empress had the support of the Empress Dowager, so she was not afraid to offend the emperor, but these little maids dared not be so bold.


“Who’s out there?!” Lan Xiaoruo choked and coughed when she was drinking water, unexpectedly, the couple in the tent who were in deep revelry had smart ears. When the man heard the sound, he stopped suddenly and berated. There was no warmth in his voice, it could be seen that he was a cold-hearted man.


Lan XIaoruo pouted her lips, and heard a charming voice with contrived cowardice: “Your majesty, could it be the Empress? She got angry that you brought me here, so she hit the wall. She must want to kill me now. Your Majesty, I’m so scared! ”


As she spoke, she snuggled up in the arms of Emperor Jun Yilie. Her delicate body rubbed against him flirtatiously.


“Don’t be afraid. I’m here. That bitch dares not to do anything to you. Hum, do you think I’ll look at her differently and love her for her tricks of crying and making troubles? Even if she kills herself for me, I will never look at her anymore! ”


Jun Yilie said as he opened the brocade tent. At one glance, he saw the beautiful girl who was leaning on the chair, then his face darkened. He sneered: “the Empress is really idle. Just a few minutes ago she was attempting suicide, now she sits here and drink tea leisurely. Did the Empress smash the wall on purpose? ”


Lan Xiaoruo relaxed her eyes and brought the tea to her lips, she looked at Jun Yilie with a smirk: “Naturally, I didn’t mean to do it. I fell in love with you at first sight. I am infatuated with you, but it’s a pity—-” she paused, glanced at the woman behind Jun Yilie, then her eyes were fixed on him again. She sighed to herself, this guy was so handsome. He looked like 20 or so and had such a good figure. His skin was tender, and his chest so firm, he was really a top model.


“What’s the pity?” Jun Yilie raised his eyebrow and asked. The Empress in front of him made him feel strange. In his impression, she was always timid, cautious and polite. Only this time, in order to maintain her dignity, she fought against Jun Yilie’s insult by crashing against the wall. And now, she was like a different person. Although he could not tell where she had changed, he could tell that she was different from before. Was she emboldened?


“It’s a pity that the emperor is only willing to be with a whore.” Lan Xiaoruo sighed heavily, seeing that concubine Ling’s face was getting gloomy, she snickered in her heart.


“Your majesty, she’s cursing me!” Concubine Ling glared at Lan Xiaoruo, shaking her head violently.


Jun Yilie pushed her away, and looked at Lan Xiaoruo coldly. In the coldness, there was deep contempt and hatred. “She not only scolded you for being a bitch, but also scolded me for not being a man.” He said to concubine Ling.


Lan Xiaoruo smiled, but she pretended to be afraid, “Your majesty misunderstood me, I didn’t mean to say something like that.”


“You don’t mean that,” said concubine Ling coldly. “Then you are calling me a whore. You bitch! You don’t behave like a virtuous woman! You hooked up with another man in front of your majesty on your wedding night! Now you dare to say that I am shameless! ”


She became more and more vigorous, and didn’t notice that Jun Yilie was getting furious. Lan Xiaoruo drank the tea while watching the “show”, anyway, she didn’t care about what concubine Ling swore. Ah, this woman was really stupid, didn’t she notice that the emperor was going to get angry? The biggest taboo for men is to mention the things that are harmful to their dignity. This concubine Ling was so careless!


As expected, Jun Yilie was outraged. He pushed away the chattering concubine Ling and shouted angrily, “shut up! If you don’t keep silent, I’ll cut your tongue at once! ” After that, he jumped from the bed and dressed himself in anger.


Concubine Ling wanted to use this scheme to get the emperor to depose the empress. She coveted the position of empress for a long time, moreover, the emperor loved her very much recently. But she didn’t expect that things would go completely wrong. So she had to shut up.


As Lan Xiaoruo was sipping her tea, she suddenly saw Jun Yilie getting out of bed and dressing. She spat out her last sip, it was really shocking to see such a beautiful naked man!


Seeing that Jun Yilie glared at her with displeasure, Lan Xiaoruo pretended that there was nothing wrong and continued drinking her tea. But the next second she heard the man’s voice: “Come here! Dress me! ”

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