Chapter 3 – Punish Her

Lan Xiaoruo spat her tea indecently.

He wants her to dress him? This ridiculous and shameless man! Forget it!

However, it would be better for her to bow her head this time to not caise any trouble.

“What? Do you have a problem with me? ” Seeing her hesitate, Jun Yilie’s face became more and more intense with displeasure, his fierce eyes shot killing glares at her.

“No, I don’t dare to have a problem with you.” Lan Xiaoruo put down her tea cup and stared at his handsome face, trying to ignore his naked body. She smiled politely and said, “I’m just used to being served, and I don’t know how to help you dress in this kind of clothes. If your majesty doesn’t mind, I’ll try it. ”

Lan Xiaoruo came up and picked up the clothes on the ground and began to dress him one by one. From her clumsy movements, it was evident that she knew nothing about dressing the cumbersome palace robe. Jun Yilie’s face was getting gloomy.

Concubine Ling hid behind the bed’s drapery and peered at Lan Xiaoruo. There was a hint of ridicule on her charming face. “She can’t even dress the emperor well! She is not qualified to be empress! See how his majesty will punish you!” she thought.

A quarter of an hour later, Lan Xiaoruo finally finished putting the clothes on Jun Yilie, she clapped her hands cheerfully, and smiled with a sense of achievement: “Well, finally all of them are on. Your majesty, are you satisfied?”

Jun Yilie looked down, his handsome face twisted. He gnashed his teeth: “Well done, you’re so clever! Do you think these clothes are a pile of rags? Just pile it up on me? Dress me again!”

Lan Xiaoruo fluttered her eyes cutely and innocently said: “Your majesty, this is a masterpiece of mine, how can it be said that it is a pile of rags on your body? Don’t you know that it’s popular to wear underwear on the outside, and tie the coat to the body as a belt? Hey, although this dress is a bit like beggar’s clothes, if your majesty wears it, you will lead a new fashion trend in the country and perhaps even the world! Your majesty, don’t you think my idea is wonderful?”

Concubine Ling’s laugh burst out of the bed’s tent-like drapery.

“Yu XinRuo!(Lan Xiaoruo’s ancient name)” Jun Yilie gnashed his teeth, no matter how stupid he was, he knew that he was being teased by her. A dignified monarch such as he, was being played by such an unvirtuous woman!

Seeing that he was furious, Lan Xiaoruo jumped away from him and shook her head: “Oh, your majesty! If you don’t like this kind of dress, I’ll ask someone to dress you up again. Don’t be angry and hurt yourself. Hello, those two little girls outside, come in and dress your majesty! ” she quickly bowed her way out.

Behind her came the sounds of Jun Yilie’s scolding and the sound of tea cup’s breaking. Lan Xiaoruo was not afraid at all. Instead, a scheming smile appeared on her pretty face. Since the emperor disliked her and had humiliated her, she should quit the position of the empress. The best course of action was to provoke him and get him to depose her in a rage. According to those two little girls, the Empress Dowager was very fond of the empress. The Empress Dowager is the emperor’s mother. With the support of the Empress Dowager, the emperor would not kill his empress out of anger.

After a while, Jun Yilie came out of the inner hall, angry but well-dressed. Lan Xiaoruo met up with him in a blink, accompanied by a smiling face: “Your majesty, you are dressed well.”

Jun Yilie looked at her angrily. “I’m going to depose you! No matter what you say this time, I will depose you! I can’t bear you anymore! ”

[“That’s exactly what I want”] Lan Xiaoruo felt happy, but she pretended to be sad. She looked at him with surprised eyes and sobbed: “What? Do you really want to give up on me? Why? Why? ”

“On the night of our wedding… how could you embrace another man in front of me! Do you still think you’re qualified to be empress of this country? If it weren’t for my mother, I would have already given you the death sentence! Now you dare to ask me why I wish to depose you?”

Lan Xiaoruo lowered her head when she heard the words, her hands twisted the jade belt around her waist, and her delicate shoulders fell. Jun Yilie took one glance at her and then turned his head to show how determined he was about his decision.

Seeing that the empress was in a bad state, Xiaoli and Xing’er couldn’t help feeling sad. The empress’s parents died, it was the Empress Dowager who raised her, and she arranged the marriage between the poor girl and her son. Who could have expected that the empress would be sexually harrassed on the night of her wedding. Though she was the empress, she didn’t gain any respect from others, she was always ridiculed by the emperor and other concubines. She didn’t like to talk. If she hadn’t been protected by the Empress Dowager, she would have already died in the ambitious palace.

Concubine Ling came out of the inner hall well dressed in her clothes. When she saw Lan Xiaoruo’s sorrowful look, she rejoiced: “Our dearest empress, the emperor is angry every time he sees you, and each time he gets angry, his body hurts. For the sake of the people im this country, be smart and disappear from the palace as soon as possible, otherwise the people of this country will not forgive you. ”

Finally, Lan Xiaoruo raised her head, her small face was already covered with crystal tears, just like rain drops on a blossoming pear. Her tearful eyes looked at Jun Yilie, “Since your majesty has decided, then I will not be against it. Please depose me.” she sighed again.

Concubine Ling was jealous, the mute girl who was usually dumb and timid looked somewhat pretty at this moment. Fortunately, she was stupid by nature, if she was eloquent, she would try to change the emperor’s mind.

Jun Yilie looked back at her coldly, “Are you kidding me? If I could depose you, I would have done it earlier! I wouldn’t have waited until now!”

Lan Xiaoruo couldn’t help but wonder why, and asked curiously, “What? Don’t you have the right to depose the empress?”

When the Empress Dowager demanded that her son got married with Yu Xinruo, she had given a death oath in front of the two. Under no circumstances should the empress be deposed, otherwise the Empress Dowager would die for this. The Empress Dowager had a close relationship with Yu Xinruo’s mother, after Yu Xinruo’s parents died, the Empress Dowager was afraid that she would be oppressed in the palace, so she asked her son Jun Yilie to marry her. She knew that her son did not like her, but he was filial and obeyed the words of his mother. In this way, after her own death, Yu Xinruo would not be bullied by others in the royal family.

The anger left in Jun Yilie’s heart was provoked once again by Lan Xiaoruo. He stared at her with narrowed eyes and sneered: “How can you forget such an important thing? I don’t know what you did, but my mother is totally obsessed with you… She doesn’t even care about her own life!”

Concubine Ling added quickly: “Your majesty, I have told you that she was a reincarnation of a witch. She speaks ill behind your back. Isn’t it because of the support of the Empress Dowager? The life of the Empress Dowager is hundreds of times more precious than that of this orphan. Yet she was able to bewitch the Empress Dowager! Your majesty, you have to think for the Empress Dowager’s sake. If it goes on like this, this witch will use her tricks to hurt you. ”

Lan Xiaoruo sneered, “You bitch! I’ll avenge myself!”

Concubine Ling’s words strengthened Jun Yilie’s determination to depose the empress. But before he spoke, he heard Lan Xiaoruo say sharply, “Sister Ling, don’t slander me! We know that you covet the empress’s seat for a long time, but even if I give up the position, you won’t be the next empress! Look at yourself, so coquettish! Look at your messy clothes, it’s so unsightly! Such a shameless woman is harmful to our virtue! How can you be the empress? Don’t forget that I’m still sitting on the throne! A little concubine dares to speak rudely to me! You’re really arrogant! Your majesty, even if you don’t love me, I’m your cousin, will you let your concubine bully your cousin? ”

After scolding concubine Ling, Lan Xiaoruo quickly put on a pitiful appearance and looked at Jun Yilie with tears.

“You!” Concubine Ling didn’t expect that Yu Xinruo, who was so stupid, acted like a real empress in this moment! She was mad but couldn’t speak a word.

Jun Yilie was also shocked by Lan Xiaoruo’s words, and re-examined her with thoughtful eyes. His look remained the same, the only difference was that his eyes seemed to be more alive, his eyes only blinked from time to time. She made him feel mysteriously strange.

Xiaoli and Xing’er looked at each other and thought how incredible it was. The empress was really strange that day. Did she suddenly become smart due to the crash? If so, they regret not having bumped the empress against the wall earlier.

After a long pause, Jun Yilie slowly opened his mouth: “Concubine Ling, the empress is very reasonable. She is still the empress, you dare to attack her with vicious words? if I allow you to be my empress someday, sooner or later you will ignore my dignity!”

Concubine Ling was about to explain as soon as she heard this, but Jun Yilie waved his sleeves and ordained: “I don’t want to listen to your nonsense anymore. Go to the criminal division for the stick punishment. Stay there for one month. Without my permission, you will not go anywhere!”

The Criminal Division is the place where concubines who committed crimes went to get punished, and where female officials executed those punishments.

Concubine Ling was frightened, but the emperor’s demand was inviolable, she could only pray for herself. “Yes your majesty…” she timidly replied and retreated unwillingly throwing a malicious glare at Lan Xiaoruo.

Noticing a childlike joy in Lan Xiaoruo’s eyes, an inexplicable and pleasant feeling was aroused in Jun Yilie’s heart. However, thinking of the shame she had brought to him, his face darkened. “Do you still remember what you just said?” he asked.

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