Chapter 4 – The Visit of Seventh Lord


“What did I say?” Lan Xiaoruo asked, and thought over it, pouting with grievances. “Okay, since your majesty can’t wait to depose me, I will go to see the Empress Dowager with you today and ask to abdicate, after that I will never step into the palace anymore, are you satisfied now?”


Jun Yilie gave her a cold glance, “You’re so forgetful! Mother has gone to the mountain resort for recuperation, she will be back in three days. Talk to her after she’s back.” He strode away.


No wonder the emperor and the concubine dared to humiliate her so shamelessly. Her protector was not in the palace. Lan Xiaoruo touched her nose agrieved, realizing that a proverb she heard was really true. It is better to rely on yourself than others. If she has the ability to protect herrself, who would dare to bully her?


Thinking over it, she had just won a battle, she smiled smugly.


After Jun Yilie left, Xiaoli and Xing’er came in and cheered, “Our empress was so brave and excellent just now. Did you see concubine Ling? Her face turned green, hahaha!”


Lan Xiaoruo felt more proud: “That’s right!”


Xiaoli and Xing’er stared at her with a surprised expression: “We didn’t expect that you would become smarter after you hit the wall. Well, if you had hit the wall earlier, you wouldn’t have had to suffer so much…”


They quickly covered their mouths, sensing that it was improper to say so. They looked at her timidly.


Lan Xiaoruo’s eyes twitched and she bitterly smiled: “Was I silly before?”


Xing’er shook her head: “No, you were not! You just didn’t like to talk… Usually when the emperor or the concubines come here to offend you, no matter how provocative and insulting they were, you always kept silent.”


Xiaoli remembered the previous situation of the Empress, and she became a bit angry: “The concubines are too malicious! When they saw that you cannot win the emperor’s favour, they began bullying you. You said that you didn’t want to trouble anyone, and so you never reported it to the Empress Dowager, which made these concubines become even more aggressive. It was so unfair!” Because their master was left deserted, they were often bullied by the concubines too.


“Really? Oh, that was before.” Lan Xiaoruo walked into the bedroom and saw there was a dressing table inlaid with gold. She walked over and sat down in front of it. While watching her delicate and pretty face in the bronze mirror, slowly she said, “I’m not willing to be bullied as before. Anyway, I’m still the empress, and the Empress Dowager supports me. Is there a reason to be afraid of these shameless concubines? ”


She is about fifteen or sixteen years old. In the mirror, her beautiful face looked like a bright spring flower, and there were two shallow dimples on both sides of her cheek. Her skin was as fine as jade and frost, and her eyes were dark and bright, like water in a mountain stream. Her two slender eyebrows were not too dark and her cherry mouth was plump, which made people can’t help but want to kiss them.


Unfortunately, the makeup on her face was overkill, and the powder puff was too thick, making her original tender skin look dry and mediocre. The beaded and green beetle with its head was even more vulgar. If she didn’t wear any make-up and reveal her original appearance, she would be ten times more beautiful than before.


“Our Empress is right!” Xiaoli and Xing’er were so happy to hear her say that, “They will still think our empress is lowly if we don’t demonstrate our power and courage!” If their master had such an awakening earlier, they wouldn’t have been oppressed by even the maids of the concubines for so long.


Lan Xiaoruo watched Xiaoli and Xinger pick up all the mess on her bed, and replaced them with a new set of beautiful quilts. They also instructed a few lower maids to clean the house again, and lit sandalwood incense in the room, and soon, the faint scent of the wonderful fragrance lingered throughout the room, driving out the previous obscenity.


She couldn’t help but appreciate the cleverness of the two little girls. She must have these two girls on her side.


Lan Xiaoruo learned a lot about the empress from the two maids. It turned out that the empress was an orphan named Yu Xinruo. Her parents died when she was ten years old, then she was raised by the Empress Dowager. After she grew up, she followed the arrangement made by the Empress Dowager and married the emperor, Jun Yilie. Because she was an orphan, everything was much easier to handle, she didn’t need to worry about getting anyone into trouble after being deposed.


Since the Empress Dowager was very fond of her, she wouldn’t mind asking her for some money before she left the palace. Anyway, all the fortune in her country belonged to the royal family. She complacently thought about this.


From now on, Lan Xiaoruo, the daughter of the 21st Century Golden Eagle Group, is the empress of the monarchy, Yu Xinruo. (reminder: The heroine’s name is changed to Yu Xinruo)


While she was thinking, a voice came from out of the room: “Master, the seventh lord is coming.”


“Seventh lord? Who is the seventh lord? ” Xinruo doubtfully asked.


Xiaoli looked at her with confusion and replied, “Master, how can you ask that? Don’t you remember that the seventh lord often comes to see you recently? ”


“Oh, my head is still a little dizzy. I can’t remember some things.” Yu Xinruo, took a piece of ice from one of the maids and lightly applied it to her injured forehead.


However, her head really did still hurt. The real empress Yu Xinruo couldn’t bear the humiliation and attempted suicide. She hit the wall without any hesitation. When she died, Lan Xiaoruo’s soul dived directly into her body.


Xiaoli was relieved and laughed: “As long as you don’t have amnesia, that’s good. Otherwise the Empress Dowager will definitely punish the emperor after she comes back.” Xinruo thought that the maids must have had a good relationship with the real empress since they spoke freely in front of her. Yu Xinruo was equally happy to get along with them. It would be inconvenient for her if they were too cautious around her.


Xing’er glanced at Xiaoli quietly and said to Yu Xinruo: “My master, you don’t remember the seventh lord? I think you’d better avoid him as much as possible today. I don’t know what he thinks but he flatters you heavily. ”


He is so bold! Doesn’t he worry that the emperor will find trouble with him? Yu Xinruo thought with interest. She curiously asked, “How is this man’s personality?”


“The seventh lord is so dissolute.” Xing’er scrunched her lips and whispered to her. “He’s full of wiles, despite his beautiful looks. He frequently visits you, ruining your reputation……”


She stopped abruptly, because a laughter had come in from outside her room.


“The empress is so approachable. She is so close to her servants! Xing’er, you are always so talkative. Are you speaking ill of our emperor to your empress?”


With the male voice, a man slowly came in with a lazy smile on his face. His purple clothes were shining, and his eyebrows were beautiful. He was in high and vigorous spirits.


“The men in ancient times are so attractive!” thought Yu Xinruo. Jun Yilie’s handsome appearance was superior, but when she looks at him, he always had a gloomy face scaring people off. By comparison, the easygoing man in front of her at the moment was better.


Xing’er recognized a trace of oppression in the words of the seventh lord, and made a deep bow to salute him, and said in a respectful tone: “You jest, how dare I to speak ill of you behind your back? If you don’t believe me, ask my master.”


“Okay I forgive you this time. Well? Go and prepare tea for the Empress and I. I want to talk with her.” The seventh lord, Jun Aoyun, glanced at her for a moment, and then drove the maids away. It was as if he was the master of Fengluan palace.


Xing’er glanced at Yu Xinruo anxiously, and retreated with Xiaoli.


Yu Xinruo’s eyes were calm. [“Let me see what he wants to do.”]


As soon as they retreated, the smile on Jun Aoyun’s face immediately faded. He put on a worried look and took a look at Yu Xinruo’s injured forehead and asked, “Xinruo, how did you get hurt on your forehead? Is it serious? Have you asked the royal doctor to have a look? The emperor doesn’t even know how to be merciful! He even let you get hurt! If I were him, I would never let you get hurt. ” He approached her and reached for her forehead.