Chapter 6 – Jealousy

Half an hour later, an inconspicuous small gray hover car quietly drove into Duke Carlos’ residence.

A silver-haired man stooped down to get off the car and looked up, revealing a handsome and slightly feminine face.


Anderson, the housekeeper, had already received news and waited here. Although the silver-haired man in front of him was only from a civilian background, and looked gentle and elegant, Anderson knew that he wasn’t simple. That’s why he wouldn’t hold him in contempt like normal people.

Anderson said respectfully, “Good day. His Excellency awaits in the study.”

Wen Yan raised his lips. His black phoenix eyes carried a faint smile throughout. He dipped his head and said, “Please.”

Anderson nodded and turned to lead the way in front.

They passed through a long corridor lined with exquisite statues on both sides, and came to a heavy solid wood door. Anderson opened it and bowed saying, “Please enter.”

Wen Yan stepped in and the door slowly closed behind him.

Carlos’ study was very spacious. There were thick carpets on the floor, and a floor to ceiling bookcase facing the door. It was tastefully arranged with many different books. After entering the interstellar age, human beings had long since abandoned the ancient ways of reading paper books, and these had gradually become luxury goods.

This floor to ceiling bookcase and the books inside gave the whole room a retro and luxurious feel.

Carlos’ short brown hair was meticulously combed back, revealing a deep and refined face. He sat on the sofa with his hands clasped and looked up at the door.

Wen Yan also looked at Carlos, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Last life, this was the man who betrayed Ji Ling again and again, finally killing him with his own hands.

What were you thinking this life to act like that? Was it really for the alliance with Grand Duke Ji Ting as the outsiders say?

Wen Yan’s mind went a thousand miles, but his face didn’t betray anything in the slightest. He had discovered Carlos’ abnormality, but Carlos didn’t know of his. That’s because up until now, he hadn’t done anything differently from last time.


The enemy is in the light and I am in the dark. That was his greatest advantage against Carlos.

Wen Yan showed some displeasure and frowned saying, “I came back from working in another star domain yesterday, and I incidentally caught wind of some interesting news. This was not in our previous agreement.”

Carlos said with his thin lips slightly raised, “I remember the agreement between us. I just wanted to help you become the next speaker, nothing more.”

Wen Yan said: “You say that, but you’re only helping me in hopes that I can help you deal with His Majesty as a speaker with a civilian background. Until the time comes, we should all keep a lower profile, shouldn’t we? By doing this, you’d only arouse His Majesty’s vigilance, and affect our plans. “

Carlos paused. His lips rose into a sneer: “You are very conscientious… Since you’re on my side, you’re going against your fellow people. Do you understand that?”

Wen Yan smiled: “In my eyes, no one would be worth giving up my interests for except me. What’s more, I don’t think a sentimental phrase like, ‘my fellow people,’  can be applied to a group of humans unrelated to me. “

Carlos laughed.

It was exactly the same as last time. Wen Yan was a cold-blooded animal with selfishness engraved in his bones. In order to achieve his own goals, he would not hesitate to frame Ji Ling and the whole Ji family. He was really an untameable heartless wolf. [No matter how well you treated him, he’d bite back.]

Carlos once admired Wen Yan very much. They were the same type of people. As long as they had the same goal or enough mutual interest, they could be decent partners.

But at the moment, Carlos’ heart only grew cold with disgust upon seeing him.

I didn’t understand how good the boy was last life, and let this treacherous wolf lurk beside him. In order to find an opportunity to take the youth for himself, Wen Yan not only framed Ji ling, leading to his expulsion from Empire Star, but also made a deal with me to destroy the whole Ji family.

That deal would never happen this lifetime.

You want the position of speaker? You want to be high above the rest? You want money and power…?  Fine, as long as you’re useful to me, I can give those to you. But there is one person I cannot give…

That’s Ji Ling.

Coveing Ji Ling was your biggest mistake.

Carlos stood up from the sofa, looked Wen Yan in the eye, and slowly opened his mouth saying meaningfully: “Since you are here, then I’ll say it straight out. I’ll offer you aid, and you’ll give me the reward I deserve. As for other people’s things, it’s best not to dream about having them.”

Wen Yan’s expression changed slightly, and he looked into Carlos’ cold eyes.

In that moment, he had faintly felt his killing intent!

Carlos really had been reborn…

This clearly hinted that he didn’t want him being wishful about Ji Ling. He had always hidden his thoughts deeply, so Carlos… shouldn’t have known about it at this point in time!

However, even if Carlos had been reborn, he had never cared about Ji Ling in his last life. Why had his attitude changed so much this time?

Wen Yan pressed down the various thoughts in his heart with a frown, and probed: “I don’t know why you would think that. The Ji family is just a stepping stone for me to climb upon. There is nothing and no one else worth caring about besides the position of speaker. However, you suddenly changed your plans and made such a move. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation? “

Carlos gave a cold sneer. You still want to hide it at this point? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to express your intent yet. I won’t allow anyone to harm Ji Ling or the Ji family this time.

And you, you are not qualified to be my opponent.

Carlos narrowed his brown eyes at Wen Yan, and naturally, looked on from high above him. He said, “There is no need for me to explain my behavior to you. All you need to know is that I do not tolerate anyone coveting what’s mine. That’s all.”

Wen Yan’s pupils constricted, flashing a cold expression.

After a long while, he relaxed his shoulders and gave a casual laugh: “Well, since you want the Ji family, I naturally won’t do anything unnecessary.”

Carlos’ voice was cool saying, “It’ll be best if you think like that.”

Wen Yan appeared calm on the surface, but his mind was a storm.  Carlos’ words had led him to a crazy idea; Namely, that he may not have been doing these things because he was plotting something, but because he was protecting Ji Ling!

But how was that possible?!

What made him change like this?

But …

Even he realized how good Ji Ling was. If Carlos had also realized that after his rebirth, then the possibility wasn’t zero…

However, the information he had before him was quite limited, and he couldn’t make a clear decision yet.

He had already learnt a lot from today’s little trip. Wen Yan still didn’t want to *press too much and alert him, so he paused and ended this thoughtful conversation with a smile: “I only came here today to discuss this matter… I hope this little accident will not affect our cooperation.”


Ji Ling stayed idly at home, counting on his fingers the days until Ning Yu’s return.

Speaking of which, he hadn’t received any gifts from Carlos the last several days, something he wasn’t used to. But on second thought, it might’ve been a good thing, because that meant Carlos finally gave up. Congratulations!


The only thing that worried him was that although Carlos had finally given up on reminding him of his presence at the moment, Wen Yan had been circling in front of him ever since he returned.

It was like one fat lady had finally finished singing, only for the next to come on stage.

Really tiring.

“Young Master, are you thirsty?” Wen Yan’s gentle husky voice rang in his ear.

Ji Ling was sitting on a rattan chair and his body stiffened slightly. He turned to look at the silver-haired man standing devoted at his side. Wen Yan’s head was bowed in humility, and the sun made his silver hair shine brightly.

Ji Ling was full of complaints inside. I just wanted to take a nap outside in the sun. Although I kind of do what the elderly like to, do you need to be so conscientious in serving me?

Your election is about to begin, so go and get busy with your political struggle!

Ji Ling felt gloomy, but he didn’t dare show it. He just shook his head: “Not thirsty.”

Wen Yan stopped talking and stood there quietly.

JiLing a looked at his posture. It seemed like he was going to stay by his side until the end of time. How could he take this?! It’s already very hard for me to keep up the act normally. Even when taking exams, there’s a break time, right? You’re standing here like an invigilator, so I can’t even slack off secretly.

It can’t go on like this. I have to think of something!

Ji Ling was enlightened. This person, Wen Yan, had always acted with profit in mind, so there must be a reason why he stayed by his side. But what benefits could he give him? Nothing more than help him get rid of some annoying flies, and putting some money to work!

He suddenly realized that he was still too careless. He hadn’t even understood such simple logic.

Ji Ling furrowed his brow and stood. He looked up and said, “I heard you’ve been participating in the recent election.”

Wen Yan nodded and said, “Yes.”

Ji Ling let out a disdainful sneer and looked at him from the corner of his eye. “Someone like you dares to think about that kind of position?”

Wen Yan’s expression stayed the same, and without even the least bit of displeasure, he whispered, “I’m simply giving it a try.”

Ji Ling didn’t seem to think highly of him at all, but after a while, he still opened his communicator and transferred a large sum of money to Wen Yan. Looking up, he showed a small expression of disdain and said, “Take this money, and use it well. In the end, whether you succeed or not… you’re still one our people. Don’t look so shabby all day, and embarrass me.”

Wen Yan looked at him deeply for a long time, and lowered his eyes respectfully: “Understood.”

Ji Ling finished, and glanced at Wen Yan who looked indifferent. He had a really good poker face. As expected of the most patient evil villain in the book. He could eat hardships for breakfast everyday in order to reach his goal.

Tsk tsk tsk. Ji ling waved his hand and said, “You may go.”

Wen Yan was motionless, and asked, “Don’t you need me to serve you?”

Ji Ling said grumpily, “Do I look like someone who lacks people to serve me?!”

Wen Yan looked at the young man in front of him who was starting to get angry, noticing that his eyes flashed about uncomfortably. His heart couldn’t help but turn soft as he tried to suppress the smile on his lips.

Speaking of which, although Ji Ling looked arrogant on the outside, he actually wasn’t a person who enjoyed being served at home. He seemed to prefer being alone than being surrounded by others.

He was someone bossy who flaunted his wealth and luxury in public, but also someone who was quiet and lonely.

However, it so happened that these two contradictory sides were so compatible with each other on him, that they interwove to create a unique, intoxicating charm.

Clearly, Ji Ling gave him money because he wanted to help him, and didn’t want to see him lose too badly in public… But he was born saying such hurtful things, as if he was afraid his sincerity would be found out. As an aristocrat, he likely thought subconsciously that it wasn’t normal to want to help a lowly civilian like himself.

But kindness prevailed in the end.

Wen Yan’s eyes looked incredibly tender, so much that the usual deep blackness seemed to turn to a puddle of goo, and a silent vortex swept everything [dark] away.

When Ji Ling fell into his line of sight, he once again felt what he had the day before yesterday when Wen Yan looked at him with that frightening expression. He quickly escaped that line of sight, and sat down on the chair all huffy puffy! You already got the money. What else do you want?

If you’re not leaving, then fine. Go whenever you want!

Ji Ling stopped looking at Wen Yan and had nothing to do, so he opened the news. Ning Yu should be back today, right? He swiped for a long time, and finally saw the latest news that was instantly making headlines on the starwide net.

The civilians’ hottest hero, the so-called star of tomorrow, Ning Yu, and Marshal Brandon, had finally returned!

Because the battle with the Bugs in Nadeau Galaxy ended in a resounding victory, it was said that they’d all be received personally by His Majesty, Emperor Sui.

Ji Ling’s eyes brightened, and he suddenly had an idea.

According to his understanding of the book’s plot, Wen Yan would become friends with Ning Yu after becoming the Speaker of the House. Although there wasn’t a clear description in the book, it seemed to imply that Wen Yan had other interests in Ning Yu.

In this heart-throbbing interstellar story, no male lead or villain could resist Ning Yu’s protagonist powers!

Ji Ling closed the news, and turned to Wen Yan.

Wen Yan looked up at him.

Ji Ling looked contemptuously and sneered, “What star of tomorrow? He’s just a lowly civilian. So what if he comes to Empire Star, and is received by His Majesty? Does he really think he can climb to the top so easily? At the end of the day, he’ll just be like you, a dog. He should have some self-awareness.”

Wen Yan thinned his lips, and the look in his eyes finally changed.

Ji Ling looked complacent. After all, leaving Ning Yu out to dry was the right attitude! He disdainfully glanced at Wen Yan, fearlessly continuing to his death with a smirk.

Wen Yan slowly tightened his hands, and honed in on Ji Ling.

Ever since he was reborn, he’d always told himself that he wouldn’t ask for more. He’d be satisfied just as long as he could stay by this person’s side and watch over his happiness. But at this moment, listening to what Ji Ling said, and watching him care so much about the few words Jing Sui said, he thought of all the things Ji Ling did because of Ning Yu last life…

Only then did he realize how jealous he was.

This pair of beautiful eyes, from beginning to end, only ever chased Jing Sui, and never… seriously looked back at him.

In this life or last life…

It was all the same.

Wen Yan’s eyes were filled with jealousy and pain, turning dark as night. He said a single word: “Really?”