Chapter 7 – Military Department

Wen Yan, insulted and embarrassed, changed his face because of a humiliating sentence from Ning Yu!

Ji Ling really said that the protagonist’s halo is easy to use. He would rather bear the burden of humiliation than see Ning Yu being humiliated. He stared up at Wen Yan, pretending to be unhappy: “What? You don’t agree with me?”

Wen Yan squeezed his lips tightly and looked at Ji Ling’s eyes.

The teenager’s eyes were bright, and he looked at him stubbornly.

For a moment, Wen Yan was lost for a moment. After a few seconds, he pulled away feeling cold rush through his body, lowered his eyes respectfully, and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you.” Jealousy made him misplaced. He should have controlled his emotions just now.

Wen Yan doesn’t want the boy to be disgusted, knowing the despicable and dirty thoughts in his heart… or fear him.

Ji Ling hummed.

Wen Yan bent down, resting one hand in front of him, and said dumbly, “I’ll retreat first.”

Then he turned and left.

Ji Ling looked in the direction where Wen Yan went, until he confirmed that he would not come back again, he patted his chest with anxiety. His calm and arrogant look was a front… In fact, he was almost scared to death!

He just wants a little personal time. Isn’t that simple?


Wen Yan did not appear in front of Ji Ling in the next few days. Ji Ling thought it was her own words that played a role. Then just wait patiently for the plot to unfold.

According to the description, Ning Yu and Marshal Brandon met Jing Sui at the palace banquet after returning with the army. Jing Sui paid special attention to and praised Ning Yu’s heroic behavior in the battle. This video was widely circulated on Xingwang after being speculated by the people. Public opinion said that Ning Yu was highly valued by his Majesty, and fans were on the Internet all day, with great pride and honor.

Ji Ling knows why Jing Sui deliberately looked at Ning Yu differently. At this time, Jing Sui did not like Ning Yu at all. He did so only to show his attitude to the outside world and show his attention and concern to the civilians, so as to reduce the civilians aristocracy. They are increasingly dissatisfied.
Jing Sui’s behavior—it was a political show, and some discerning people were also clear, but it still did not prevent the general public from buying, because in a certain way, it really represented the attitude of the supreme ruler of the empire today.

But the original owner of his body is not clear! He was a stupid and poisonous love brain. Seeing that Jing Sui was so kind to a pariah in Ning Yu District, he was so provoked by his own dog legs, and immediately went to the military headquarters to find Ning Yu’s trouble. Give this pariah some color.

Of course, in the end, the face was defeated.

Ji Ling boasted every time he thought about it, because in his opinion, the behavior of the original owner might actually be used.

Just as Jing Sui wants to win people’s hearts through this kind of political show, there are also people who do not want to see Jing Sui’s success, but want to add a right to Jing Sui. So what should we do? Suppressing Ning Yu couldn’t be better.

Once Ning Yu was humiliated and unfairly treated at Emperor Star, it would be easy to provoke the anger of the people, let people point their finger at the ‘hypocritical’ Emperor himself, and let Jing Sui’s efforts go torch!

So when he did this, there was a ghost when Jing Sui liked it!

The pig teammates who are properly hindered.

Ji Ling was still a little embarrassed, but in order to go home, let the protagonist attack and take it well. Anyway, their dual protagonist halo is extremely powerful, and their behavior like a jumping clown can’t really hurt them except for nausea and disgust.

Ji Ling clasped his hands together and made a prayer said silently in his heart: Jing Sui Da Ning Yu Da, you are all radiant people who are going to do big things. You, such as me, a jumping beam clown, you have to keep your heart in mind. If you are really unhappy, just fly away like a bird. I will burn three incense sticks for you sooner or later after I complete the task, and pray that you will live a hundred years and so that everything will go well for hundreds of years.

After a few more days like this, everything was the same as the previous one. Overwhelmingly on the Internet, Jing Sui received news from Ning Yu, and even Brandon’s limelight was temporarily suppressed.

Ji Ling said that this is called more people and more power. Nobles are higher, but they are far less common than civilians. This is why Jing Sui attaches great importance to civilians, because they are indeed a very powerful force.

Say your dog leg should come to yourself today, right?

Ji Ling waited and waited … But from morning to night, from night to morning… When she said yes, she would urge me to find Ning Yu’s troublesome lap dog! Where did it go?

Ji Ling’s eyes were muddled, and he was aggressive!

According to the experience of the previous life, Rhodes, who was a faithful lap dog of the original owner, should have come by now. He insulted Ning Yu with jealousy, and because he was involved in Jing Sui, he lost his reason because he was jealous. Ning Yu’s trouble is to give this unknown dalit a little color.

But this time, Rhodes never appeared.

How is this going?

Ji Ling frowned for a long time, finally remembering that since Carlos appeared at their party last time, Rhodes has rarely contacted him again. Is it because he is afraid of Carlos, so he dare not go out and fool around?

Ji Ling, who thought that she had found the truth, almost shed tears of sadness: she knew that the old bastard appeared to be fine, and the sequelae came so soon…

It has come to an end. It is unrealistic to expect Rhodes to find him, but for Ning Yu It is necessary to go there, because he is closely related to the subsequent plot.

Ji Ling thought about it.

As a vicious male man who focused on adding to Ning Yu, although Rhodes did not come to him, now the whole network is touting Ning Yu, even CP for Ning Yu and Jing Sui! Because of anger and jealousy, he chose to take the lap dog to go cause trouble to Ning Yu.

Ji Ling thought that it was suddenly bright, and immediately opened the communicator and contacted Rhodes: “Hey.”

Rhodes slumbered at home, “What’s the matter?”

Ji Ling said, “I see that star of tomorrow is very unpleasant. Just because he deserves to be compared with our Majesty? Let’s go and show him some color! ”

Rhodes was sober when he heard this, and stuttered,” Why, what? ”

Ji Ling: “After half an hour, meet me on the military grounds.”

Rhodes: “Wait!”

But before he could speak, Ji Ling had hung up the communication.

Rhodes: “…”

Rhodes looked at the communicator dullly, and rolled down from his bed in a second, and ran out while only wearing his pants. My young master, do you have nothing to do, why?!!

Although he didn’t want to go at all, Rhodes got into the car quickly.

He adjusted the speed of the suspended vehicle to the highest speed and violated several traffic rules before finally arriving at the military department before Ji Ling and staring nervously ahead.

A few minutes later, Ji Ling’s suspended vehicle stopped at the door.

Rhodes was a stunner, jumping up to stop Ji Ling as if he had been burned by the fire, and he laughed, “You, why didn’t you discuss it with me before you came out?”

Ji Ling gave him a white look, and if his heart was not I’ve been here for your unreliable counseling! He frowned and said, “Let’s go!” It has been delayed for a day, and I don’t know if it will affect the plot. Ji Shao is now anxious!

Rhodes was bitter, and he held Ji Ling’s arm with both hands, smirking: “Well, if we go directly to the military department to find someone else, wouldn’t it be a little thoughtful …”

Ji Ling took a footstep and finally looked at Rhodes with some surprise, his eyes thoughtful. He didn’t forget that the kid’s bones were so bad, and he didn’t like civilians the most. The last time he encouraged himself to come in with jealousy. This time it was as quiet as a chicken and he stopped himself.

Rhodes was uncomfortable with Ji Ling’s eyes, but he gritted his teeth and persuaded: “You see, although Ning Yu is nothing, but here is the military … Marshal Brandon is the most accustomed to us. Now, if he saw it, we wouldn’t be able to eat it. ”

Ji Ling raised his eyebrows. I didn’t see you so clear-headed in the last life, but one thing is right, I want this kind of food. Can’t take the effect of walking around! Ji Ling’s eyes were firmer, and he said coldly: “Whether you are going or not?”

Rhodes: “No, don’t go …”

Ji Ling waved his hand: “Then you go back, I’ll go alone!” ”

Rhodes:” …… ”

After seeing Ji Ling has indeed turned away, Rhodes almost burst into tears, hesitated for a moment then rushed past, following Ji Ling’s footsteps inside.

So what evil did he make?

Before, my father was very supportive of his dealings with Ji Ling, and never cared about him outside, but suddenly he got away from Ji Ling not long ago. Don’t provoke Ji Ling to go out and let him stay at home, don’t cause any problems. This is what Archduke Carlos ordered.

Although unknown, Rhodes still obediently kept a distance from Ji Ling. It is said that the other day, Nie Tianqi was half-baked by a group of thugs on his way home at night, and even genetic repair could not cure him …

Rhodes thought about it.

Hmm… I really didn’t challenge Ji Ling this time. He came here purely because of kinky-wei!

I hope I won’t be interrupted by my father after going back today.

Ji Ling didn’t care about Rhodes’ tangled heart, and walked forward without looking back.

It looks like Rhodes can’t be trusted this time, so he can only do it himself, isn’t he a vicious male partner? This is my second time around, I can do it myself!

Ji Ling swayed into the army.

It stands to reason that such a place in the military can’t be strolled through in and out at random, but Jiling’s status is high enough, and there are two grand dukes standing behind him, so no one dares to stop him at all.

Although I already knew where Ning Yu was now, when Ji Ling entered, he still pretended not and asked a soldier, proudly saying, “Do you know where Ning Yu is?”

If he asked for any other person, the soldier wouldn’t know, However, because Ning Yu is famous as a civilian, the soldier knew where he is, and he respectfully replied, “Major Ning Yu should be exercising on the training grounds now.”

Ji Ling nodded absently, turned and walked toward the playground.

It didn’t take long to hear the voice of Huhe, and the noise of men’s sweat was wrapped in the noise.

A group of soldiers wearing black military trousers and red shirts were fighting against each other. Showing off their strong muscles and displaying their scars and strength wantonly.

Ji Ling subconsciously glanced down his slender arms and legs, although very pretty, but still lacking compared to the soldier’s swords and menly masculinity.

Keke, he’s come this far already.

His goal today is the legendary protagonist: National Idol, Star of Tomorrow, Ning Yu!

Ji Ling narrowed his eyes and reflected on the the past. Ning Yu and him from the last life were also old acquaintances, but whenever he saw him, he seemed to feel the unique aura of the protagonist! So dazzling so that no one can ignore his existence.

Compared with other people’s sweaty and shabby clothes … Ning Yu looks as if born with a fairy dust atmosphere. He wears straight black trousers, and bright black military boots wrapped around his long, straight legs. . The upper body is a white shirt, simple and clean, meticulous, soft black short hair falls down to his forehead, wet with sweat-a little. He seems to have just been active, but still had a calm demeanor. Perhaps realizing something, he turned his head to reveal a straight and upright face, and the emerald green eyes contained a gentle and firm light.

From head to toe, everywhere on his body, even the sweat beads on the tips of his hair seem to exude the aura of a main character!

It’s like a filter effect.

Ji Ling had a serious expression, walking with his hands behind his back.

His clothes and manners were really out of place here. A noble and beautiful young man straight of an oil painting walked silently into the battlefield full of blood and sand, attracting everyone’s attention.

Ji Ling welcomed everyone’s eyes for inquiry, raised his chest to Ning Yu’s head, raised his eyebrows and looked at the black, green-eyed man with an upright posture in front of him, raising his eyebrows, and said loudly, “You are Ning Yu? ”

Rhodes looking dismal standing beside Ling Ji, Ji Ling stubborn temper is absolutely no stopping him come, and he has just told the story to his father…… mercy of it.

The only thing he can do now is follow Ji Ling to stand up for him.

Ning Yu looked at Ji Ling in doubt, but did not answer for a moment.

Ji Ling stared coldly at Ning Yu, with a look of contempt and loyalty, and said impatiently: “Hey, am I speaking to you, are you deaf?” With this statement, Ning Yu didn’t respond yet. The soldier behind him, all of them suddenly showed their cannibalistic eyes! Staring at Ji Ling coldly didn’t look good.

There are civilians and nobles among these soldiers, each of them is a powerful evolutionary. At the beginning, there are many who look down on Ning Yu, but after a battle, they have already become a life and death relationship, and many of them have been saved by Ning Yu, all of them were heartfelt and sincere to him.

But now their admired comrades-in-arms and their superiors are inexplicably humiliated by Ji Ling’s insufferable insults. Many people are gearing up to prepare a little color for this unknowingly thick, letting him know that this is not a place where he can be wanton!

Ning Yu saw her brows frown slightly, stopped them with her eyes, and then looked back at Ji Ling with a calm and deep look, and said with a clear voice: “Yes, I am Ning Yu, may I ask who you are?”

Although Ji Ling looked Very arrogant, but in fact I am afraid that those who do not agree with each other will talk about it first and then, eagerly waiting for the self-reported door, said proudly: “I am Ji Ling!”

Don’t say, he is really famous.

Although not a good reputation.

Everyone heard his name’s face changed, and many people’s faces showed anger and forbearance. Alas … Although I really wanted to strike, this is really not the kind of snoring they can casually strike. This is a stand. The backstage at the top of the pyramid is harder than the iron plate.

When Rhodes saw Ji Ling’s name, it seemed to calm the others. He slightly raised his hand and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, so he didn’t need to beat him.

Ning Yu’s eyes were slightly condensed. Although she knew the other party’s intentions were not good, she still asked calmly, “Are you doing anything to me?”

Ji Ling likes such impulsive and rational people. We can’t solve the disputes verbally. It’s necessary to do it. In Ji Ling’s eyes, Ning Yu doesn’t know how cute she is! This kind of character is worthy of being a protagonist!

He coughed, raised the corners of his mouth, and uttered the lines he had prepared for a long time: “I’m here to tell you, don’t think you’ve met Your Majesty and been applauded by His Majesty, you really think you’re something amazing. Even if a pariah like you has become an evolutionary, it’s just our running dog and horse pawn! ”

The big men behind Ning Yu began to flex their muscles again, no, I can’t help it, the mouth of this person is too bad.

Rhodes started shaking again.

Ji Ling said this, and dared to look at Ning Yu with courage.

Ning Yu fixedly looked at him, her pale thin lips clenched tightly, half a moment, and he replied with a strong, nonchalant voice: “If you say the so-called running dogs and horse pawns, it means fighting the Zerg to defend the country. If the horse is a pawn, then I would rather be such a running dog and a horse pawn. Because I am not the peace-keeping nobleman on the Emperor Star, but also the civilians of countless other stars, they are closer to danger and need to be protected. ”

Ji Ling Hsin Tao Zhefan speech was fantastic, and even their own listened very moved, no wonder we are showing such passionate excitement eyes! As he moved, he showed a sarcastic look and sneered: “Don’t be hypocritical. Weak and lowly civilians die when they die. What good protection do you have in the army to gain military merit and become a member of the aristocracy?”

The civilians among the soldiers were even more angry. They guarded the country and protected their loved ones, and were thus humiliated by Ji Ling’s direct map cannon! His life was worthless in his eyes.

Rhodes wiped his sweat again, and he quietly tugged at Ji Ling’s sleeve, trying to dissuade him.

Ji Ling opened his hand with a ‘snap’, and continued to pull hatred as if he was dead: “Don’t dream, dalits like you will never be aristocrats.” Ning Yu finally looked slightly cold and slowly said: “The nerve, if you are nobility, I am afraid I do not want to be noble. ”

Ooh! What a man of iron and bones who does not admire the noble!

Ji Ling likes such a matched opponent the most, and he can pick it up logically every time. Ji Ling suddenly showed anger, like a cat that has been trampled on by the tail, and said coldly, “Dare you look down on me ?!”

Luo I: “…”

Seeing that the atmosphere was becoming more and more tense, Rhodes glanced uneasily around him, and it turned out that he saw a tall man in a black military uniform in the distance who was as imposing as he was, and walked here sternly!

The man had dark red hair, a cold and sharp face, and the gray, temperatureless pupils contained trembling horrors, just as he was relentlessly cold on the battlefield.

Is that not Marshal Brandon? !!

Rhodes’s frightened legs had softened, it must be the damn guys who vented the news! He was just a little nervous before, but now he’s scared out of his pants after seeing Brandon. Brandon disliked them so much. He was always selfless and gave no face, and he would not worry about Ji Ling’s identity!

Rhodes quickly reached out and pulled Ji Ling’s arm, and whispered nervously, “He’s almost here, Marshal Brandon!”

Ji Ling heard his eyes bright. Finally Brandon came? Didn’t I wait for a long time just to wait for you to join Ning Yu? !!

He didn’t hesitate and yelled at Rhodes: “Go away, nothing is happening!” Then he raised his voice on purpose and said loudly to Ning Yu: “Don’t think Marshal Brandon can cover you. You dare to sneer at me! Marshal Brandon is going to give me some face. Do you think he will offend me for a pariah like you?”

Ji Ling eyes scorned, Yi Zizi issued a vicious cold voice:”You’re dead!”

Rhodes legs shook.

“I think it’s us who are dead.”