Chapter 8 – Brandon

Ji Ling raised his chin and looked at them provocatively.

The soldiers behind Ning Yu had firey angry eyes, staring holes through Ji Ling, trying hard to kill him on the spot with their eyes!

Both sides grew more concentrated, suddenly one of the soldiers stood at attention raising his hand in salute position in the direction behind Ji Ling, right then a loud voice said: “Lord Marshal.”

Hearing the voice all the soldiers were stunned, and stood up saluting one after another, watching the soldiers’ awe, everyone surely knew Brandon’s absolute prestige in the army!

Although Ji Ling had already known that he was coming, his body still tightened subconsciously, slowly turning his head back, he saw the tall, cold man standing not far behind him.

A meticulous black military uniform wrapped his powerful body, with a cold face and deep facial features. A pair of sharp eyebrows appeared under the brim, and gray pupils, which had always been void of temperature, seemed to deeply suppress extremely complex emotions, like the silence before the storm.

Rhodes almost fainted. He was so afraid looking at Marshal Brandon! He really overheard what he said just now!

The fighters who felt so humiliated and angry just looked at Ji Ling with angry and scornful looks: Weren’t you just arrogant? Also saying that Your Excellency Marshal will not treat you bad? You have no self-awareness! His Excellency the Marshal is angry, but he doesn’t care what you are, even his Majesty is kind to the Marshal. What kind of thing are you in his eyes?

Ji Ling certainly understood this, but he dedicatedly showed his ignorance and did not seem to see Brandon’s gloomy eyes at all, and said grinningly, “Honour Brandon, your subordinates dare to face me as they’re disrespectful to a noble shouldn’t you give me an explanation? ”

Rhodes was so ashamed that he gave up completely, and only hoped that he could go back alive today…

Everyone wide-eyed stared at Ji Ling. Afraid that he’s either silly or crazy.

How dare you let Marshal explain to you?

Only Ji Ling is fearless! Waiting proudly, Brandon ordered someone to throw him out.

Although the consequences are shameful and shareless, isn’t this the effect you want? He didn’t worry about the danger of his life. It was nothing more than shame … Although Brandon was a cold-hearted soldier, but because of this he was essentially a principled person, although he would pack himself up because of his disgust. However, given that he is still only at the level of mouth guns, he will not kill himself.

Compared with the ruthless belly Carlos and the vicious Wen Yan, in fact, when facing the protagonist camp, Shi Jiling is more open-minded, and the typical bully is “good” and afraid of evil.

Brandon stared at the boy with his chin raised in front of his eyes, his eyes fell into his clear blue eyes, his eyes looked a little darker, and his tight jaw showed his uneasy mood. For a long time, he slowly opened his lips and uttered a low-dumb word: “You …”

Everyone was nervous.

Ji Ling opened his ears and wanted to hear how he was going to hit his own face. At this moment, a thick and strong figure suddenly rushed over at an extremely fast speed! Blocked in front of Ji Ling like a mountain! Shouting: “Marshal is angry!”

Ji Ling: “?????”

Rhodes: “?????”

Soldiers: “?????”

Lieutenant General Hawke firmly guarded Ji Ling behind him, like an old hen who protects him. In general, a flattering laugh came out of his face: “Sir, Ji is not intentional, he’s just kidding, don’t get angry …”

As soon as the words of Lieutenant General Hawke fell, Brandon’s eyes suddenly appeared. Not hiding his cold killing intentions! His large body stiffened for a moment, and cold sweat ran down his forehead…

Remembering the orders of Grand Duke Carlos, he gritted his teeth without moving, standing there motionlessly, with a hand resting behind him, swinging his eyes, Yu Guang signaled Ji Ling and Rhodes to leave quickly!

Ji Ling’s brows frowned slightly. The Lieutenant General Hawke didn’t show up here at all. Why did he suddenly hurt him? He turned a blind eye to Lieutenant General Hawke’s suggestion, and continued to provoke Brandon with dissatisfaction, pointing his finger directly at Ning Yu, and humming coldly, “Who said I was kidding? This dare dare to look down on me, and I will not give him a little color today. I will not go! ”

This action and words are extremely humiliating.

Ning Yu looked at him indifferently, his lips narrowed slightly, and Ying Ting’s face seemed to be covered with frost.

Instead of paying attention to Ji Ling, Brandon looked at Lieutenant General Hawke, the deep voice contained-with a chilly grit, said: “Get away.”

Lieutenant General Hawke only felt a tremendous pressure on his way! He didn’t expect Brandon to be so angry that if he let him go now, Ji Ling would definitely not be able to eat it today! Although he has always kept a low profile, he did not want to force Brandon in the army, but if something happened today, Lord Carlos will only make himself worse!

Thinking of this, Lieutenant General Hawke looked ruthless, and said to the men around him, “What are you still doing, who in the military can do this? Anyone can enter? You are not ready to invite Ji Shao to me!”

His men immediately Yes, despite Ji Ling’s resistance, he politely and strongly pulled him out.

Ji Ling didn’t expect things to come to this point, and suddenly he felt dumbfounded, he jumped angrily: “Who said I’m leaving! Hey–”

Finally returned to his senses Rhodes’ strong desire for survival prompted him to cover up Ji Ling’s mouth, dragging Ji Ling out with the help of several soldiers.

Ji Ling can only stare desperately. I won’t go! I’m waiting to be beaten, you bastards let go!

Brandon’s eyes sank, but he just stepped up and was again blocked by Lieutenant General Hawke!

Brandon’s footsteps couldn’t help but, for a short while, he slowly looked down at the man who was desperately blocking himself. The air pressure around him seemed to be low enough to freeze the air.

Lieutenant General Hawk’s smile gradually stiffened.

Brandon’s mind was surging, and for a moment, he really wanted to kill the obstructing guy, but the only reason left in him to stop his urge succeeded in calming himself down.

The teenager’s figure disappeared into his sight a little.

Although I really wanted to chase it, although I really wanted to take a closer look, Brandon looked around, looking at the awesome and fearful eyes of everyone, looking at Ning Yu’s forbearance, and watching Lieutenant General Hawk who desperately blocked himself in front of him, he knew …… I can’t do it now.

A few days ago, he had a long, long dream.

In the dream, he and Jing Sui finally defeated all the enemies and created a world they wanted, and then many, many years passed … It is reasonable to say that this life was as he wished, and the ending was also a complete one. There should be no regret Yes, but is that really the case?

When Brandon was lying in his home, calmly waiting for the end of his long life, he suddenly realized that he still had regrets.

It was just that little regret. With the passage of time, he was deliberately buried in the deepest corner of his heart, so that he forgot it.

But at the last moment of his life, he remembered again.

I realized that I never let go.

He was so regrettable … The vivid and valiant, seemingly arrogant and brave young man in his memory burned out all his love and courage, but eventually failed to get a good ending, at that most beautiful age a dismal ending.

No one cares what he gives, no one sees his heart.

Even if he had been saved by himself … because of his deep-rooted prejudice, he did not get the reward and respect he deserved, and ignored him step by step towards an abyss.

Debt to a teenager is the only regret in his long life.

He is the only person he has failed.

At the last moment of his life, this deep-seated seed finally sprouted unwillingly, making him realize that his life was not conscience. If he were given another chance, he would never misunderstand him again and hurt him. He would protect him and take care of him, not only because of that life-saving grace, but also because he was worthy of being treated rather than everyone. Aversion to injury.

If you can see him again, that’s fine … Unfortunately, it’s too late, after all, this regret will be brought into the grave.

Brandon thought about it, slowly closing his eyes.

Open it again, and go back more than 200 years ago.

It took several days for Brandon to finally accept this fact, realizing that it was not his imagination, that he was really born again. Then an irresistible thought swept across his mind madly, occupying all his thoughts, that is-is Ji Ling okay?

Brandon wanted to see Ji Ling directly, but he realized very clearly that he had no reason to meet Ji Ling now. His identity and the current situation do not allow him to do whatever he wants, so he can only desperately suppress his inner impulse.

Patient, patient, waiting.

Waiting for the teenager to appear before him again.

Brandon clearly remembers that after the last life himself and Ning Yu returned from the Nado galaxy, it was not long after Ji Ling came to the military headquarters to find Ning Yu because of jealousy. In his last life he was ruthless and threw Ji Ling from there. When he went out, he made his face shame in public and became a joke among the entire aristocracy. He is so disgusted with this kind of embarrassment. They live lavishly and degenerately in the imperial star and live an extravagant and degraded life, but they also feel comfortable to humiliate those bloody warriors, this kind of person is not worthy of having everything now! Not worthy of respect!

It was the ugly side of these fallen nobles that prompted Brandon to stand by Jing Sui, determined to change all this.

But in this life, he was looking forward to that day, but not because of anger and disgust, but … it was the only reason he saw Ji Ling reasonably, and he wanted to see him again.

The urge to meet Ji Ling even briefly overwhelmed the struggle with Carlos, his ideals, and everything.

Just yesterday, Brandon was absent-minded all day long, and even did not have the intention to deal with official business. He had been waiting for someone to report to him about Ji Ling, thinking about how he should face all this.

The boy was just spoiled. He made such impulsive things because he liked Jing Sui too much. He didn’t intentionally hurt people. He was not the same as the fallen nobles. This time, he will never treat him so ruthlessly. As long as he thinks of seeing the boy again, how can he let him go a little bit wronged? But Brandon waited all day waiting for Ji Ling to arrive.

Then Brandon had to realize that some things had changed unconsciously after he was born again, such as Carlos and Ji Ling.

Carlos’s actions have spread throughout the entire Emperor Star. What’s the idea of ​​this sinister guy? In the previous life, he killed Ji Ling, but in this life, he drove Ji Jia to a great extent. Did he want to use Ji Jia again? Is the change in Ji Ling’s behavior also related to Carlos?

Brandon was in a heavy mood. He knew that even if he tried again, it would not be easy to realize his purpose, because it was full of too many variables, and some things were quietly changing.

Because of this change, Brandon thought that Ji Ling would not come.

But at this time, he suddenly received a report from his subordinates. Brandon immediately put down everything and rushed over without delay. He finally saw the boy he owed again. Juvenile, the pretentiousness in his eyes has not been worn away, so beautiful and dazzling.

In the last life, I never knew him seriously. I only felt disgust and disdain towards him. Even if he was saved once by a boy, he still didn’t change much. He thought that this was just a young boy’s impulsive behavior.

What he sees is always just superficial.

After all, it was his prejudice that prompted him to be reluctant to truly understand, to see the heart of this man, and not to find the true and brave side of the young man’s heart. A little bit?

Regret and self-blame made Brandon feel complicated and heavy, and when he really met him, he realized that he didn’t know what to say.

Even in the face of countless aliens, overwhelming enemies, who had never flinched from the bloody killing ground, he hesitated at this moment. It took him a lot of courage to finally say a word.

As a result, this guy from Hawk couldn’t wait to jump out and stop him!

Brandon has long known that Lieutenant General Hawke is Carlos’s, a chess piece placed by Carlos in the military, why did he jump out abruptly?

The answer is very guessing, only Carlos’s order can make Lieutenant General Hawke desperate to block himself.

So, Carlos, what do you want this time?

Taking a deep breath, Brandon took back his chaotic thoughts, and looked coldly at Lieutenant General Hawke, and said in a cold voice: “Lieutenant General Hawke, do you know what you are doing?”

Lieutenant General Hawke was cold, and he knew what the man was like. Scary and cold, barely showing a stiff smile, saying: “I know you are angry, but nothing serious, just a few rumors. Here are a lot of adults, why bother with a child? Offending him, It’s not worth it, isn’t it? ”

Brandon’s eyes were cold.

Lieutenant General Hawke’s forehead was cold and sweaty, just as he was hesitant …

He heard Brandon saying, “You, do it for yourself.”

Lieutenant General Hawke felt a sharp sting, and then bent down quickly, the muscles on his face felt slightly dtiif because of fear. He stiffly replied: “Yes, I know.”

Lieutenant General Hawke said: Lord Brandon was so angry, it seemed to be really angry, this matter must be falsely accused of His Excellency Carlos!

The soldiers’ hearts: His Excellency Brandon actually made Lieutenant General Hawke unable to come down to the stage in public, giving no face at all, he seems really angry!

Ji Ling is gone.

Lieutenant General Hawke also left in fear.

Only then did Brandon finally turn his eyes to Ning Yu, and there was a complex look in his eyes.

This was the person he most admired in his lifetime. Ning Yu was an excellent fighter, a noble idealist, and a comrade in arms who fought alongside him. Despite being a civilian, he is not inferior to any aristocracy. His strength and excellence are beyond doubt.

An excellent warrior should not be overwhelmed by his origin, so Brandon never carried him, Ning Yu never lived up to his expectations, and every mission was done well. In fact, he just provided an opportunity, and now Ning Yu has won everything for himself.

Ning Yu used his strength to prove to the world that civilians are no worse than any aristocracy, and what they lack is just fair enough.

All this once attracted him so much, and even for a while, this appreciation turned into a hazy likeness, but then …?

Brandon thought back carefully.

After Carlos died, he was busy cleaning up the traitors and renovating with Jingsui. The long-established ills of the Empire did not end with the simple death of a Carlos. They still have a long way to go.

He thought that after the death of Ji Ling, Jing Suihui and Ning Yu were together, but to his surprise, the two ended the relationship by accident. They did not become lovers, but became friends, or- —It’s a partner for common goals and progress, nothing else.

It was also then that he realized that he might never really understand Ning Yu.

It stands to reason that Ning Yu was not with Jing Sui. He should be happy, but in fact he was not. He buried the newly budding feeling calmly and never mentioned it again.

Ji Ling’s death seemed insignificant and insignificant … but changed many things silently.

He may not have been sure of his feelings for Ning Yu, or of the complex feelings he had for Ji Ling, but one thing about Brandon’s life is extremely certain.

That is, if Ji Ling is really as unbearable as he is, how can he have the courage to do such a thing, and when everyone gives up, he will resolutely appear in front of him …

I am the one who owes each other. In this life, I will not hurt him any more, nor will I give anyone the opportunity to hurt him.

Brandon looked at Ning Yu with an apologetic gaze, and said hoarsely , “You’re wronged.” Ning Yu’s green eyes were calm, and he smiled calmly: “You know, this is nothing. ”

For this kind of humiliation, he and many other civilians like him have long been used to it.

Ning Yu was surrounded by a few friends, all of whom were born and dying. He heard anger and helplessness, and vented his dissatisfaction with Ji Ling.

“Honest Marshal, you don’t know, how abominable that scum was!”

“We fought hard for them, but he can humiliate us as we despise us. Why?”

“It’s so disappointing and angry .” ”

” If it wasn’t for Admiral Hawke, I would kill him like this if I didn’t kill him! ”

” Isn’t he a noble? I’ve made a life for another! ”

Brandon looked at himself indignantly, with a complex look and inner contradiction and pain, Ning Yu should not be used to this treatment because of his background. This is unfair, but this time … he couldn’t give him justice.

Not only that, he watched these people so lowly humiliate Ji Ling, and even a little anger appeared in his heart.

You don’t know anything, you don’t know how brave the young man is, he’s not like you said, he’s not the same as those despicable and degraded aristocrats.

You don’t know anything!

Brandon clenched his right hand and said arrogantly, “Enough!”

Brandon’s thunder anger stunned everyone to reveal his fearful eyes, and they rarely saw His Excellency the Marshal, because there were few in this world There is something that can move the Marshal …

It seems that the Marshal His Excellency is also very accustomed to this kind of empire worm? They thought so uneasily, they saw …

Brandon glanced over them, looking cold and thin lips tightly, saying, “It is a kind of prejudice to easily judge someone from the surface, do you understand?”

Ning Yu Huo Ran raised his eyes and brushed A look of doubt.

Soldiers: “???”

Weren’t you angry at Ji Ling just now?

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