Chapter 9 – Collapse


Lieutenant General Hawke’s men respectfully asked Jiling to go out. As soon as he left the military headquarters, he quickly released his hand and stood aside with a low eyebrow, respectfully saying, “please leave.”


Ji Ling shook off Rhodes angrily, “You get out of the way! I want to go back! ”


But the guard at the door got the command and stood still this time. He kept the door and repeated: “Without permission, you can’t enter the military department.”




Ji Ling was furious! How could he have left before Brandon got angry? He tried to break into it again, but the guards neither fight back or scold him.They were so stubborn that Ji Ling couldn’t do anything


For a long time, he stood there tired and panting, and was put into the suspension car by Rhodes.


So that’s it?


Go back like this?


But what if I don’t go back? He can’t even get into the gate of the military department!


Rhodes saw that Ji Ling’s face had turned blue and white for a while, and was afraid that he would be getting mad at him. After Ji Ling was sent home, he ran away quickly, leaving Ji Ling standing at the door of his home in a daze


All the way back to his room, Ji Ling had not been able to get back to his mind, and felt like a dream.


“How did things get to this point?”


“Why didn’t it all happen? Why did you go home so inexplicably? From the beginning to the end, there was no one who said a heavy word to him, even Marshal Brandon, who was cold and terrible, said only one word of “you” and was interrupted by lieutenant general Hawke who appeared suddenly.”


“I humiliate your favorite comrade in your house, You don’t have any reaction, instead, you asked Hawke to send me away? Can’t you stop it? Can’t you talk?”


“This is so-called iron-blooded marshal, what a joke! You said you despised me, but look at what did you do at the critical moment!”


Ji Ling was so angry, he felt that no one was reliable.


He was depressed for a long time, was he insulting himself today? He went to the military department to be arrogant and then came back intact, and humiliated Ning Yu…


Realizing this, Ji Ling’s face became pale and bleak utterly.


He insulted himself successfully for the first time.


He was so scared.


“What’s wrong? Why the second time was much harder than the first time? I didn’t do anything. How could I start the difficult mode without any reason?”


Someone knocked the door.


Still immersed in grief, Ji Ling raised his head and saw a handsome man with silver hair and black eyes pushing the door.


This guy was very quiet for a few days. Why did he come again?


Ji Ling didn’t control his mood for a moment, and his face became paler, it was like adding insult to injury.


Wen Yan heard that Ji Ling had gone to the military department. Ji Ling had read the news in his last life, and he was instigated by others to look for Ning Yu’s trouble, but Brandon rejected him mercilessly. This event spread all over the empire, which made Ji Ling become a well-known joke. people laughed at him, even an ordinary man could trample his dignity. He lost face in this empire.


But it was not over. Shortly after that, the video of Ji Ling abusing Ning Yu was put on the Internet by anonymous people. That remark totally angered countless people. A corrupt aristocrat who was greedy for life and afraid of death went to shame and beat down a gallant hero. Ji Ling was attacked immediately by the whole net citizens. Every day, people cursed him and wish him to die.


Ji Ling not only had to bear the contempt of the nobility, but also the countless internet violence forces from civilians. This made him more jealous of Ning Yu, and he made mistakes again and again However, these latter remarks will not be mentioned for the time being.

In a word, because of the change of Carlos, Rhodes didn’t come to see Ji Ling, and Ji Ling didn’t go to the military department. Wen Yan thought this would never happen again. Unexpectedly, though it was delayed for a day, Jiling still went to the military department. He was too careless.


Fortunately, with Carlos’ help, Jiling finally left the army without any trouble.


Wen Yan took a complex sigh of relief after hearing that. No matter what purpose Carlos had, at least this time he protected Ji Ling.


But Wen Yan were still worried about Ji Ling and didn’t restrain his impulse to come back again. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Ji Ling was in a bad mood. Suddenly, he felt nervous. Did anything else happen?


Wen Yan asked in a low voice, “what’s the matter? Are you unhappy? ”


Ji Ling did not look at Wen Yan, cheer up? how can he cheer up? According to what had been planned, the failure of this time would not only become a laughingstock, but also be abused by the whole network, so I would feel resentful and would go to find Ning Yu’s trouble again. Now the progress is so smooth, what’s the reason to hate Ning Yu? How does the following plot unfold?


Ji Ling said unhappily, “what are you doing here?”


Wen Yan was silent for a moment and said directly, “I heard you went to the military department.”


“You are inquiring about my whereabouts! You can’t even tell a white lie! Do you think I’m a fool?” thought Ji Ling. He calmed down and continued, saying, “yes.”


Wen Yan looked at the loss and boredom in Jiling’s eyes. The angry look of the young man was showed in front of him without hiding. Why was he so angry even he succeeded? Because of Jing Sui’s affection for Ning Yu?


In fact, it was nothing at all. Everyone knows it was just an flirtation. But it was probably not his stupidity that he took it seriously, perhaps it was because he cared too much about that person, and that he couldn’t knead a grain of sand in his eyes. His intention was not to suppress Ning Yu, but to get the attention.


Wen Yan was jealous, “Do you love him so much?”


“But he won’t love you. Why can’t you understand that?”


Wen Yan’s lips moved, but he was reluctant to see the young man’s sorrowful eyes. He comforted him and said, “if you are for Ning Yu’s sake, don’t worry about it. Your majesty won’t like him.”


Ji Ling did not believe it at all. In his last life, he saw that Jing Sui fall in love with Ning Yu! “How do you know?” he asked


“How noble is your identity! and only your identity can match the Majesty. Ning Yu is just a civilian, how can he be liked by your majesty?”


The man’s voice was gentle, and his expression was sincere. It was reasonable to say this.


It was a pity that Ji Ling, instead of being comforted, he was more sad. He even dreamed that Jing Sui fell in love with Ning Yu!


“You are really not good at organizing your words! Come on, say something aggressive, let me continue to find the trouble of Ning Yu, dig a hole for me to jump, who want you to comfort! What’s the good of comforting me?!”


This villain was too unqualified.


Ji Ling was depressed, but he knew that there was no reason for him to continue. He frowned and forced down his anger. Looking into Wen Yan’s eyes, he said, “do you really think that the majesty will not like him?”


Wen Yan said seriously, “yes, you can rest assured.”


Ji Ling: “……”


The two looked at each other.


Wen Yan’s eyes were deep and gentle, sincere and incomparable. Ji Ling’s mind was in a trance.


The second life was too hard, too hard.


The partners in the last life had all turned their backs and started to drag him down. Even the villains were looking like they wanted to change their ways. Ji Ling felt cold and he didn’t want to talk with Wen Yan any more. He let him out whereas a servant came in a hurry and said to Ji Ling respectfully, “master, Duke Carlos is coming.”


Ji Ling wanted to slap the table and say, “no!”


“One by one, it’s endless!”


But in fact he said, “please let uncle Carlos in.”


Looking back, Ji Ling found that Wenyan was still standing there and didn’t leave. It was too let him out, because Carlos has come in.


Ji Ling regained his mind in a sudden.


Carlos was dressed in a luxurious gown with white gloves, holding the silver walking stick that almost never left his hand. He raised his head to show his elegant face, his eyes were gentle, and he joked: “look at the face, who made our little cute unhappy?”


“Little cute…” Ji Ling felt disgusted.


Ji Ling complained inside him ”who else is there besides you?” Later, he understood that Hawke was probably Carlos’ subordinates, because after his rebirth, it was this guy who was the worst. He made troubles everyday.


“Haha, it’s so funny that he comes to my house after ruining my plans”.


Ji Ling’s eyes were dim, and he said quietly, “nothing.”


“Really?” Carlos chuckled, then glanced over Wen Yan, who was standing aside, and his eyes flashed cold. “You are also here for Ji Ling. It seems that you didn’t listen to my last warning” thought Carlos.


Wen Yan looked at Carlos , a moment later, he looked away. It was not appropriate for him to stay here but he doesn’t trust Carlos and he couldn’t let Ji Ling to stay alone, so he ignored Carlos’s warning and stood still.


Carlos slowly took back his sight and lowered the chill in his eyes. Now it’s more important to comfort his little cute.


He went forward two steps and came to Ji Ling’s side, drooping his eyes and whispered  “your unhappiness is written on your face, I think it’s not nothing, you just don’t want to talk to me.”


The atmosphere was very awkward, but he was forced to continue the conversation with the villain. Ji Ling was bored of it.


He looked at Carlos’ gentle smiling eyes, feeling cold and strange. At last his discontent overcame his fear. If it wasn’t for Carlos, there would not have been so many accidents. Now how to unfold the future? All of these made Jiling’s heart numb.


Carlos should have noticed Ning Yu by now. According to the routine of the last generation, he was likely to show his kindness to Ning Yu and destroy Jing Sui’s plan by wooing Ning Yu. What was his intention to come here to mind my business?


My humiliation on Ning Yu today showed that Brandon was unable to protect their own people. In this way, Carlos can extend an olive branch to Ning Yu, even if he can’t make it, it is enough to bring Brandon and Jing Sui some troubles. Ji Ling thought of this and suddenly became cheerful.


He is so scheming!


Ji Ling thought that he had seen through Carlos’ trick, he lowered his head and pretended to be grievous, saying ” I heard that your majesty likes Ning Yu very much. ”


Carlos looked at him and said slowly, “just for this small thing?”


Ji Ling’s voice was aggrieved and looked at him with eyes widening: “you didn’t see what was said on the Internet? What if your majesty really liked him? Your majesty, he has never been so nice to a civilian before… ”


Carlos looked at the boy’s reddish eyes with a serious look. The man’s heart was like a hard stone, why does Ji Ling like him so much? “But why am I so angry? Is it out of jealousy?”, thought Carlos


Carlos’s voice was deep: “it’s just a pariah. You can’t even compare with your toes. Why be angry for him?”


“Ah, you old man is very bad. Don’t think that I don’t know. You despise me the most. I’m not as useful as Ningyu piece in your eyes. He is a popular national idol.”siad Ji Ling in his mind.


“but your majesty…”


Carlos looked at him calmly. After a moment of silence, he said, “do you really dislike him so much?”


Ji Ling nodded.


“I am committed to Jing Sui, and will always be the enemy of Ning Yu!,



Carlos pursed his thin lips a little, and looked at Jiling. For a while, he said slowly “in this case…”


Ji Ling looked at him expectantly.


Carlos’s eyes were soft, and he said softly, “I’ll kill him for you, OK?”


Ji Ling: “…”


A man’s Brown pupils were intertwined with cruelty and perfection. When he said this, he seemed to be coaxing an naughty child, “you don’t like toys. How about I smash them for you?”


Ji Ling stared at Carlos, his face was a little stiff, his mouth opened, the rest of the words stuck in his throat.


You’re such a strange person!