Chapter 3 – Go Home


The evening wind was overbearing, Li Man gradually calmed down from her despair. Through the darkness surrounding them, she looked at the man holding her own. He looked up at the front and could only see his fortified chin from her point of view. There is such a tight lip, but she can still feel that he is tall and burly, like a hill, a pair of arms strong and powerful, a strong male temperament wraps her, making her uneasy but not Dare to shake it.

But who is he? What is she to him? Why should he save her from that situation?

Li Man moved her lips, wanting to ask something, but she thought back at the tree when she had said so much before but no one understood her. She felt depressed.

He sighed lightly in frustration, but Li Man still heard it. She looked down from her position over his shoulder, but she couldn’t see his face. “If you don’t want to stay, tomorrow, I will let you go.”

Li Man’s heart was tight and she wanted to avoid his sight, but she wasn’t willing to give up the opportunity to communicate. She cautiously asked, “What did you say?” She said in pure Mandarin.

Li Mo squinted his eyes, blinded by doubts. What was she talking about?

“Big brother.” At this time, a little boy ran out of the Li’s small courtyard, nervously glaring at Li Man. “Is she dead?”

“No. Xiao Wu, go boil some hot water.” Li Mo commanded the younger brother as he carried Li Man into the west house.

There was no light in the room, it was dark, but Li Mo was familiar with the place, and he put Li Man down. “Take a break, I will let Xiao Wu give you something to eat.”

Li Man couldn’t understand him. Plus, she couldn’t see anything. He suddenly let her go and turned to leave. Scared, she grabbed his sleeve. “Don’t go.”

Li Mo obviously didn’t expect her to react that way. His doubts returned, but realizing the darkness and Li Man’s bright voice flashing fear and anxiety, his heart softened, “Rest assured, no one will hurt you ever again.” His low voice revealed traces of gentleness, Li Man felt some peace of mind, her hands gradually loosened.

Li Mo didn’t say anything else, turned and went out, just then, his three younger brothers arrived at home.

“Is she in the house?” Li Shu, the third child, shouted standing at the door and slammed his way into the house.

Li Mo stopped him and dragged him directly into the kitchen adjacent to the west house. “Brothers, what are you doing?”

“Big brother, don’t worry, this kind of person will be honest with a serving of my fists! I have to go to the west house to beat up someone.”

“Hey.” Li Mo did not stop him this time, but gloomily warned him, “If you dare touch her, then I will beat you up first.”

Li Shu’s face turned red in rage, “Big brother, this woman isn’t honest. You spared her, and she dared to try to escape!”

“If you hit her, will she talk to you?” Li Yan stated glancing at his raging brother and asked Li Mo, “Big Brother, what should we do?” ”

Li Mo looked at his younger brother Li Yan, determining what decision he should make from the bottom of his heart that,”Tomorrow I’ll send her out of the mountains.”

“What?” Li Shu’s eyes widened to the point it looked as if it might just fall out,”Brother, are you really going to let her go?”

Li Yan squinted his eyes ever so slightly, he also seemed to not agree with this decision. Even the little brother who was boiling water showed reluctance.

Li Mo was very upset. In fact, not only his younger brothers, but even he himself didn’t want to do this. He’s twenty-three this year, and the fourth, youngest brother was sixteen. In addition to Xiao Wu, he was afraid that the four brothers in this courtyard needed a woman.

Moreover, the woman looked good, the second brother and the younger brother seemed to be very interested and he also liked her. In the Goddess ditch, because of poverty, brothers sharing a wife was a very common thing, but it was difficult to find a satisfying woman.

But if the woman wasn’t willing, it would be impossible to make a life together, and he didn’t want his brothers to become violent and arrogant people. “I will send her out of the mountain tomorrow morning.”





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  1. Woaaah sharing 1 woman, no wonder the original girl didn’t want to stay😮. But for the little I can see from the brothers, they didn’t seem like a bad bunch. I hope our FL will be able to comunicate soon
    Thanks for translating these awsome story.

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  2. Thanks for translating the story, I have never read one where 5 men share 1 woman. Will be looking forward for the rest. Thanks again.😚

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  3. Do not send her away! Li Man pretty much has no where to go, if she is send away she will probably die… and it obviously that they do not want her to go either.
    Anyway thanks for the chapter.

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  4. The oldest is the nicest I think…
    I have heard about woman having many hsuband in some dessertvor somwhere near India

    Thanks for the chapter

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  5. Haha, this 5 brothers sharing one wife reminds me of Princess Draupadi from Indian myth, Mahabharat, who has 5 husbands too, the Pandhavas.
    Thanks for translating this story

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