Chapter 13 – Dress-Up


Upon entering the wolf’s den, Feng Yulan already entered a state of dispossession. Like a rag doll, he was unresponsive to the girls play.

“His thighs are so smooth!” The girls boldly put their hands on Feng Yulan’s lap.

“Well, it’s just a leg.”

“His leg is okay…”

“Haha, envy?”

The girls had already pulled down half of his pantyhose. While they were talking, they helped him take the pantyhose off.

Feng Yulan’s pupils lost focus…

“There is a short skirt over here! It’s like a cheerleader’s outfit!” One girl holding a red plaid skirt shouted.

“Quickly! Put it on Feng Yulan!” Ye Wen urged.

So the girls slammed Feng Yulan into the short skirt. White and delicate long legs, a cute short skirt and the unknown things underneath the skirt began to fill the girls with desire…

Feng Yulan had only just recovered when he was put into women’s clothes, but now he was completely overwhelmed by the girls. He could no longer resist anymore and panicked.

“Oh, why is the skirt going up?” Some of the girls asked curiously.

“What is it?” Another girl reached out and touched the bump with her hand. “It feels a bit hard?”

“Hey!” Lu Yu coughed hard. They reckoned that she knew what it was.

Jin Jing asked purely, “What’s going on? What is it?”

“Um… That’s what a man has.” Ye Wen roundaboutly replied.

Half of the girls slowly began to realize what it was and suddenly blushed, Jin Jing was still puzzled and kept asking what it was.

Ye Wen did not know what to say so she threw the question to Lu Yu.

“What kind of thing? How do I know!” Lu Yu complained.

“Driiiing—” The bell signaling the end of class rang. Heaven’s redemption, the girls had already changed their clothes and quickly ran to the classroom, abandoning Feng Yulan in the women’s locker room.

“Haa…” Feng Yu Lan sighed, quickly took off his skirt, put on his school pants and finally burst into the classroom a few seconds before the last bell.

Feng Yulan didn’t speak for the rest of the day.


Ye Wen had become a nerd in the class. There were always many people who would copy her homework every morning. This was almost a habit…

It was a hearty morning and Ye Wen was sitting in the classroom as usual, looking at the door with her chin pointed out, completely unaware of other’s thoughts.

“Hey – Ye Wen!” In only one week’s time, Qiu Yi had become familiar with Ye Wen. He was no longer restrained, and he was also a member of the daily “Copy Ye Wen’s Work Team”.

“Quick, homework!” Qiu Yi shouted, rushed into the classroom, threw his bag on his seat and drew a pen out of his pocket.

“What do you want?” Ye Wen asked, taking a long-prepared copy of homework from her desk drawer.

“Everything!” Qiu Yi decisively replied.

“Ouch…” Ye Wen spread all of her homework on the table.

Qiu Yi wasn’t picky. He took the book closest to him and asked, “What’s the first page?”

“Page thirty-seven.” Ye Wen answered after a quick look at the book.

Qiu Yi began to copy quietly.

“There was so much homework to do yesterday. You didn’t do anything?”

“Yeah, got to hurry and copy it all before it’s too late.”

“A lot of copying assignments…”

“Less lines to copy.” Qiu Yi replied with confidence.

Less copying can be done when cutting corners and information. This is a technique, which can not only reduce the number of points, but can also be used to get through the traditional homework. Reasonably skipped copying lines are crucial.

After Qiu Yi arrived, the students began to appear in the classroom one after the other. Suddenly, Ye Wen’s eyes brightened. She saw the girl she had been waiting for.

“Jinger ~” Ye Wen greeted.

“Wen Wen – early again today.”

“Little Wenwen, did not think of me ah ~” A round head behind Jin Jing’s back appeared. Lu Yu joked.

“No.” Ye Wen seriously replied.

“Ah! Ah! You make me sad!” Lu Yu rushed forward, grabbed Ye Wen by her shoulders and shook her, making her head swing back and forth.

“Hey… stop… if you still want to… copy…” Ye Wen threatened.

“I was wrong!” Lu Yu immediately replied. Then she took out her study book and spread it out on the table.

“You, you’re even copying copying assignments?” Lu Yu said looking at Qiu Yi who was holding Ye Wen’s book to copy English words … …

“It’s too much trouble reading books.” Qiu Yi replied, frustrated.

In the morning, it was very busy. Ye Wen was the kind that watched people busying themselves.

After sharing her homework in the morning, Ye Wen found out that her homework had not returned. She shouted in the class: “Who took my homework!”

No one answered.

In utter despair, she had got up in search of her homework. As she walked towards the podium, she stopped at Luo Liang’s side.

“Hey, this homework is mine, right?” Ye Wen asked.

“Ah? Isn’t it?” Luo Liang checked the name on the first page which was written vigorously and powerfully – Ye Wen.

“Hey! You don’t know how to copy assignments?”

“Keke, time is running out, I haven’t had time to look at it.” While Luo Liangjian talked, he was still crazily copying. It was estimated that his writing speed was three or four characters per second, but a ghost-character was even estimated. Although, he couldn’t even read it himself…

“Is the homework coming back?” Jin Jing laughed.

“Well, these guys didn’t remind me about my assignments, which made me delay doing my homework every day.”

“Ayah Ayah! This shows that Wen Wen sure is popularly important.”

“I don’t know how to be happy in life.”

“What a blessing!” Ye Wen looked at Lu Yu.


The first class switched to history class. This kind of extra course was naturally everyone’s favorite. For history lessons, the teacher did not lazily lecture, but put on a documentary for the students to watch for themselves.

Such a class was in fact self-study.

Qiu Yi found a topic to talk about and whispered.

“Ye Wen, who do you think is the most beautiful girl in our class?”

Ye Wen looked at him strangely, secretly thinking: [I don’t remember that I used to have such gossip…]

However, Ye Wen still answered him: “Of course it’s Jin Jing.”

“Is that so?” Qiu Yi glanced, as if he wasn’t going to cease the topic, “The most handsome boy?”

“Men Ah…” Ye Wen thought for a moment. “I think he’s fine.”

“He looks like a girl… he’s just cute or pretty. I mean handsome.”

“Handsome…” Ye Wen froze, “Wang Xin?”

“Hey… that muscle man.”

“Well, it’s you who wants to talk about handsome guys. I think it’ll be pretty nice to get Feng Yulan to wear ladies clothes.”

“Oh oh, yeah. I also think so. When would you get him to wear women clothes?”

“I’m afraid that this will be a bit difficult…” Ye Wen said, because in her memory. She has never seen Feng Yulan wear women’s clothing. Ah, the locker room doesn’t count since he was forced into it.

“I heard that there’s an event for the 100th anniversary of the school’s founding. Get Feng Yulan to dress up as a woman then!” said Qiu Yi excitedly.

“Indeed it’s an opportunity… But will he willingly comply?”

“Uh… so plan it… trick him into wearing women’s clothes!”

“Hey… Feng Yulan.” Ye Wen and Qiu Yi pulled evil smiles at the same time. Note-worthily, they are the same person.

Stunned, Feng Yulan turned his head. Did someone call him?





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