Chapter 17 – Busy hands


After their visit at the divination shop, Ye Wen was still thinking about the content of the divination. Was it a coincidence or the real deal? Since time could be reversed, it wouldn’t be surprising that there were supernatural powers in this world.

The pedestrian street was very long, the shop windows of various stores on it were filled with exquisite products. This time it was Ye Wen’s turn to be excited.

Because she saw a collectible she’d only dreamed of, that was Card Captor Sakura, she did not expect to be able to find it here!

Ye Wen did not hesitate to buy it, even though it was even more expensive than Lu Yu’s Barbie doll.

“Ye Wen, are you a child? You actually like this style of animation.” Obviously Lu Yu also had seen the anime of Card Captor Sakura.

“People who buy Barbie dolls are not qualified to speak.” Ye Wen rolled her eyes.

To be able to collect this, Ye Wen was very satisfied. She had no complaints for their next shopping tour. Jin Jing finally bought a sailor suit and a miniskirt recccommended by Ye Wen.

“The skirt is so short… how could I wear it?” Jin Jing asked.

“It’s okay, there will be cheerleaders for the school games.”

“The school games will be held after the next National Day. Wouldn’t it be cold by then…”

“No! Just wear warm underpants!” Ye Wen was more understanding of these aspects, this time has been rubbing it.

Hey… there’s no age restriction for safety pants…

As she walked towards the end of the pedestrian street, in front of Ye Wen’s eyes suddenly appeared an eye catching set of clothes.

It seemed to be a costume for cos-players. ‘Polar bear suit’ was written on the sign above it.

There was a pair of furry bear paw boots, gloves, headbands as polar bear ears, a white cotton jacket and tight gray trousers.

Ye Wen thought that she probably already had it in her collection. If this wasn’t there yet, then she’d buy the costume again and give it to a maidservant.

“Should we take a break and eat something?” said Ye Wen, who had bought what she was most satisfied with.

“Okay, okay!” Lu Yu replied holding her Barbie box above her head.

“Well, what do you want to eat?” Jin Jing looked more reserved, and sometimes Ye Wen thought she was more like a rich lady than herself…

The three beef fans ate some beef in a snack bar. These were true fans of beef… not the later fans who’d only eat slivers of minced meats.

Ye Wen once again sighed because of the changes the world will face and the hearts of the people which will only get darker and darker. She thought of how honest the past was.

After they ate some dim sum, the three said goodbye to each other. Ye Wen watched Jin Jing leave, then she went back to the school gate alone where Wang Hui just arrived by car.


Wang Hui usually arrived at the school gate one hour earlier than the time she left school. So today, Ye Wen arrived home earlier than usual.

Liu Guan was sitting on the sofa in the hall reading newspapers in front of the coffee table when he saw Ye Wen passing by.

“Go on, you must be busy.” Ye Wen waved at him and walked upstairs.

“Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak”she heard the sound of feet on wooden floor.

Ye Wen arrived at the third floor, and saw a figure wearing a maid’s dress on the ground pushing a rag to advance, propulsing Ye Wen down to the ground.

“Oh!” the little maid opened her eyes wide in front of Ye Wen’s face. “Missy! I’m so sorry…”

She lowered her voice and bit her inner-cheek.

“Don’t make a fuss.” Ye Wen gently pushed the maid away and stood up.

“Missy…I’m sorry…” The maid lowered her head.

“It’s all right.” Ye Wen patted her school uniform. “After you’ve finished cleaning, come to my room.”

“Do you wish to punish me?” The maid looked at Ye Wen with tears in her eyes.

Ye Wen really wanted to punish her body in a certain way. Unfortunately, the tool for committing that sort of crime was confiscated. She said, “Just reflect upon your actions.”

“Yeah,” said the maid, then she dragged the rag through the hall again, it was actually more of a game for her to push the rag forward…

There was a bookcase placed against the corner of Ye Wen’s room, but the bookshelf wasn’t filled with books. Instead, a few books were scattered here and there. Ye Wen arranged them and put them on the lowest shelf. Then she opened her newly purchased box and placed it on a higher shelf.

Looking at the number of hands to collect one by one, this is was a joy for collection lovers.

A rich man’s home really had everything. Ye Wen pulled out a digital camera from a drawer and took a picture of the newly bought hand. Then she sent it to a very popular forum in a decade. The newly established hands-on enthusiasts forum.

Seeing the envy in the replies on her post, Ye Wen felt very prideful.

Because there were not many posts in the forum, Ye Wen’s photo album’s popularity quickly augmented.


“Miss, I’m coming.” It was the maid’s voice.

“Come in.” Ye Wen did not lock the door.

Shui Zhui looked at Ye Wen with watery eyes. Now he really wanted to punish her… for research purposes of course…

“Well, well, don’t look at me so poorly…” Ye Wen handed a white paper bag to her. “I bought new clothes for you. When will you wear it? ”

“Wow! You’re the best Missy!” Shui Zhui happily flew onto Ye Wen’s body, hugged her neck and shook it.

“Stop stop… my neck is going to break!”

After expressing her excitement, Shui Zhi took out the clothes inside the paper bag and once again exclaimed: “Wow ~ so cute, so furry.”

“I like it.” Ye Wen laughed, and she also liked this cute little maid.

“Un-hun! I’ll try it on!” The maid immediately took off her maid outfit.

“Eh?” Ye Wen was shocked. “Why are you changing here?”

“Could you possibly… Do you hate me?”

“No…-” Ye Wen blushed red till it even reached her ears. The reason for this will not be easy to explain.

Ye Wen did not respond to Shui Zhi, who continued to change her clothes. Ye Wen looked at her full nakedness, except for her pinkish-white inner top and white inner pants.

Fortunately, thanks to her time with her own body, Ye Wen’s resistance to girls bodies has improved a lot. At this moment her expected reaction immediately shot down, but there was still the trace of a peeping thought.

“Okay!” Shui Zhi was very quick and she quickly put her into new clothes.

It looks really cute, and it doesn’t look bloated at all. The grey leggings perfectly hug the curve of your legs.

Childish Shui Zhi photographed the floor mirror and asked, “What’s the matter with Miss? Do I look good?”

“Good-looking! Very cute!” Ye Wen nodded hard and suddenly thought of something.

In the past, I wanted to have a younger sister give her a COS costume every day, take some pics and post it on the Internet to make others envy. This was great. With such a maid, Ye Wen had finally realized her wish.

Apart from anything else, Ye Wen took out the camera and said: “take a few pictures!”

“Okay.” Shui Zhi generously replied, allowing Ye Wen to take dozens of photos.

My wish has finally come true! Ye Wen exclaimed in his heart.

Maybe, getting with girls, is fine too?





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