Chapter 18 – It’s Flowing!


It was a sunny morning. The warm sun came in through the cracks between the fluttering curtains and beamed on Ye Wen’s exquisite little face.

The National Day holiday had already begun. Today, she didn’t need to go to class. Ye Wen rolled over, intending to sleep some more. However, he felt a cramp surge from his abdomen. He had to get up.

“It hurts…” Ye Wen walked into the bathroom holding his tummy. “Did I eat something bad?”

Ye Wen felt that something in his body felt off… he shook his head slightly, went to the toilet and took off his pants.

“What is this?” Blood was in Ye Wen’s trousers, and some of it was still falling. “There’s so much blood flowing… I… am I going to die?”

“Sure enough, this isn’t the cost for passing through time and space…right? Goodness is it my time? Will I die? If I die, will I return to my original time or will I really die?” Ye Wen felt muddled. ” I… I don’t want to die… I still want to live a little longer… even if it’s as a girl…”

People are afraid of death. Ye Wen was no exception. “I still haven’t seen many things… I haven’t lived life yet… I don’t want to die… I don’t want to~…”

Tears flowed out of his eyes, blurring his line of sight. Ye Wen felt that he wouldn’t be able to stop his tears and reluctantly sat on the toilet.

“My body is ill…Am I…really going to die?” Ye Wen felt a chill pass through his limbs, and even heard Heaven calling him. He gradually lost consciousness, and finally blacked out…

“Missy! It’s time to eat breakfast.” Shui Zi knocked, “Missy? Missy?”

No one answered, Shui Zhi turned the doorknob, but the door wouldn’t open because it had been locked by Ye Wen before she went to bed.

Shui Zi knocked on the door for a while more, but nobody answered. Then she stepped back and walked down the wooden hallway. She found another maid and brought her to the door. The other maid took a bunch of keys out of her pocket, rummaged through them, then opened the door to the bedroom. They found that the quilt on her bed was lifted, but there was no one. The maid went into the bathroom and found Ye Wen on the floor in a coma.


The mood was gloomy, as someone picked him up and turned his body around to lie back in his soft bed.

The warm sunshine let Ye Wen’s cold limbs finally take in a little warmth, which allowed her consciousness to slowly recover.

“Miss, are you awake?” The little maid approached. Ye Wen opened his eyes and saw Shui Zi in front of his bed.

“I…I’m not dead…” Ye Wen weakly replied, his voice was soft with a touch of hoarseness and etherealness, making people unable to resist their desire to protect.

“Huh?” Shui Zishi did not quite understand what Ye Wen was saying and pulled her maid skirt into a curtsy. “Congratulations Miss for growing up.”

“What?” Ye Wen showed a puzzled look.

“My lady, you’ve had your menarche* today. Don’t worry. It is normal to react strongly the first time,” said the maid.

Ye Wen hadn’t responded yet, Shui Zi’s conclusion was so obvious that he didn’t know how to react.

[So it turned out to be that… Just how did you never think of it!]

Ye Wen even slightly sighed in relief. Then and there, he felt a fluctuating pain spread in his abdomen.

It’s terrible… and it has to come every month! In fact, this physical development seemed to be a bit late.

Ye Wen felt cold in his hands and feet, making him unable to do anything. He also didn’t have any appetite and felt nauseous.

“Miss, please drink some porridge.”

“Oh… I’m not very hungry…”

“If you don’t have an appetite, you need to eat. Otherwise, your body will become weaker.” Shui Zi said, opening the insulated lunch box on the bedside’s table, which contained a bowl of crystal clear white porridge with a few slices of beef and ginger. Shui Zi scooped up the poached eggs under the porridge with a spoon and skillfully mixed them into the white porridge.

“Here ~ Miss, I’ll feed you,” Shui Zi lifted half a spoon of white porridge and blew on it so it would not be too hot and put it in front of Ye Wen.

Ye Wen quickly got up and said, “No, no, it’s fine…I’ll do it myself…”

“The other maid said that Miss is frail, so allow me to feed the young lady. Oh, or is it that Miss does not want to be fed by a maid.”

“Fine…” Ye Wen opened his mouth in compromise.

A bowl of hot porridge really made it feel much better. As the warmth spread to his stomach, it seemed that the pain eased, and Ye Wen gave birth to the idea of ​​playing games.

The heater in the room had reached twenty-eight degrees, but under the begging of the maid, Ye Wen wore a large pajamas and then sat in front of the computer.

The effect of the white porridge had gradually disappeared. Even if the heater was on so high, Ye Wen was still shivering. This was a kind of illness that seeped through the bones.

The maidservant sat uneasily at Ye Wen’s side to play the game with her, but Ye Wen was not at her best today and was easily killed by her. The maid looked at her again and was embarrassed to continue playing.

“Shui Zi, do you want to watch an anime?” Ye Wen asked as she opened a video site.

“Yes let’s watch one,” said the maid, nodding. “But I can’t make up for anime…”

“What do you want to see?” There was no difficulty when you watch TV on the computer. You can watch it at any time. This is the convenience of a computer.

“Is there Cardcaptor Sakura?”

“Of course there is.” Ye Wen searched the video site for the ever-changing Sakura, and then asked, “Want to see the first few episodes?”

“Let’s see the first episode! I started watching it from the middle and always wanted to see the beginning.”

“Let’s satisfy your wish today.” Ye Wen said, and opened the video.

“Hey, isn’t it Chinese?”

“This animation is from Japan. This is the original voice.”

“Oh~” Shui Zhi nodded. “I always thought it was Chinese… But I don’t understand Japanese.”

“ Read the subtitles!” Ye Wen casually said, but suddenly remembered that the maids did not seem to go to class, and quickly asked, “Do you know how to read?”

After she said that so blatantly, she realized that this was not the right way to ask. It might have been a bit hurtful to her self-esteem. Ye Wen quickly tried to explain herself: “No… I mean, that… um…”

“Huh?” Shui Zi did not know where Ye Wen was getting at. “I know how, I graduated from junior high school.”

“Yeah… exactly, you must have known,” said Ye Wen. “Say, how did you end up coming here to be a maid?”

“I was an orphan… The master sent me to school, while the maidservants put me through the maid training. When I graduated from junior high school, I became a formal maid.”

“Isn’t that kind of sad?”

“No, actually, if I want to leave, I will always be able to do so. I think the maid life is also very good. The salary is also fine. It’s higher than most people outside.”

A maid who loves the work of a maid.



Ancient Heartloss’ note:
*Menarche = the first occurence of menstruation, the first period.




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  1. Su-chi the maid is so cute. How old is she anyway? Since Wen is 15 and Su is talked about as if she was like a little sister, that would make her 14 years old?


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