Chapter 23 – School Games Part 1

The boys in the morning class were very busy. Their homeworks were naturally second-rate rip-offs. Most of the homework assignments were returned, redone or refreshed. All of the homework to be done on National Day was piled up throughout the day. They were very quiet throughout the morning, even in class, they were writing hard.

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After lunch, most of the boys’ homework were finished, and the class during lunch break began to scream again.

“Everyone be quiet~!” Wang Xin loudly shouted, standing on the podium. After shouting to the whole class several times, they gradually calmed down.

“The school sports meeting will happen soon. The students who want to participate please come forward to sign up. Everyone will have to partake in an activity, so come choose what you want to participate in first!” Wang Xin said holding the list in his hand up high for everyone to see.

Most of the girls in the school weren’t interested in sports games, but since everyone had to participate, it was better to sign up for an easy activity earlier than the rest.

So the girls took the lead, signing up for the easy activities like: dodge ball, long jump and high jump. The most difficult one was the 100-meter dash. No girls wanted to participate in that.

The boys watched the girls who had surrounded Wang Xin in a big circle from afar, they didn’t go to join in their fun. Of course, that didn’t include the few wretched guys who wanted to squeeze in with the girls… such as Luo Liang.


“Don’t squeeze!”


“…” A girl touched by Luo Liang’s palm was flushed and sat down with her head down and her back against her seat.

“Do you have a death wish? Girls are here, yet you are still pushing through!”

“Get out!”

Luo Liang was protested against, pushed out, and pitifully squatted aside.

“Liang, run the eight hundred meters race, I believe you can. Your test scores on it are very good.” Wang Xin suggested.


So Wang Xin wrote him up on the list, and all of this was handled. Everyone was assigned to an activity. The students who could get the easy activities were naturally happy. The students who didn’t get them did not complain too much. In general, Wang Xin’s leadership were excellent.

Wang Xin held the roster and realized that there were still a few girls who hadn’t signed up yet.

“Ye Wen.” Wang Xin walked over to Ye Wen’s side. “You haven’t signed up for the competition yet?”

“Yeah.” Ye Wen, who was drawing graffiti in a drawing book, looked up and said.

“Which activity do you want to sign up for?” The actual remaining activities weren’t much.

“I don’t really want to sign up…” Ye Wen really didn’t like to participate in sports.


Ye Wen did not expect Wang Xin to give up so easily, she had the impression that he was not such a person.

However, Wang Xin immediately turned around and said: “But you can do something else.”

“What is it?”

“Cough, join the cheerleading team.”

“Eh? Cheerleader, me?”

“Well, because you are the most beautiful girl in our class!” Wang Xin saw Jin Jing’s gaze on him and quickly added, “Jin Jing is also the most beautiful.”

“Oh…” Ye Wen was in deep thought, because in his memories, the school games did not include a cheerleading team, obviously this had to be an historical change brought upon by his time-travel.

Finally Ye Wen nodded, but she threw in a condition: “But I want Jin Jing to join me.”

“Of course, there’s no problem with that, all of the girls have to participate anyways.”

“Then why ask me specifically…”

“With a leader, it will be easier for everyone to accept.”

“Well then, I will change the condition.”

“If it is within my abilities.”

Ye Wen glanced in the direction of the boys, and smiled slyly: “Feng Yulan must join the cheerleading team with me, and wear women’s clothes!”

“This… is a bit difficult…” Wang Xin smeared the cold sweat sliding down his forehead.

“I won’t go if he doesn’t go.” Ye Wen snorted.

“OK… I’ll try…”

Jin Jing smirked and smiled: “Little girl, you’re so bad.”

“I really want to see Feng Yu Lan dressed as a woman!” Lu Yu said, agreeing with the request.

Wang Xin pulled Feng Yulan aside so that they could speak alone and told him the request. It seemed to him that Feng Yulan wasn’t interested, and will immediately refuse.

“Hey, what about my feelings?” Jin Jiahui heard as he walked upstairs only to find Wang Xin, who was holding his hand against the wall next to Feng Yulan, who was currently being cornered by Wang Xin.

“What’s happening over here?” Jin Jiahui asked.

Wang Xin already knew that Feng Yulan was intending to refuse, but decided to drag it on for a while to give Feng Yulan some more time to consider it.

“Women’s clothing… cough.” Wang Xin replied. Jin Jiahui looked Feng Yulan up and down and whispered, “That’s really good…”

Jin Jiahui stared at the little Feng Yulan, and the latter seemed to become a little shy.

“If he doesn’t want to, then we can’t force him.” Jin Jiahui said, “Although some boys who wear women’s clothes are really pretty, I don’t want to wear them. Although Feng Yulan really looks like a girl… he still carries the heart of a man.”

Feng Yulan glanced at Jin Jiahui with gratitude, but did not immediately reject the offer, but vaguely said: “I’ll… consider it…”

Yes! Wang Xin’s spirits lifted and he listed all of the benefits to Feng Yulan.

“If you wear women’s clothing, I’ll treat you to a month’s worth of snacks!” Jin Jiahui said heroically.

“Hey, since when are you rich!” Wang Xin snarled, but was also grateful to Jin Jiahui since he raised the possibility of success. But he still asked, “Where did you get so much money?”

“I went to work at a construction site for two months in summer vacation, and I earned four thousand yuan for it. Now I have more than 3,000.”

“Not bad!”

Wang Xin said a lot more, until his mouth was dry, and he finally said: “You can go back and consider it, but the time of the school sports meet is nearby. This Friday to be precise. It is Monday today. So it’s in only four more days, but because of the preparation work involved, it’s best to give me a reply by tomorrow, is that good?”

“Well…” Feng Yulan softly nodded and sat back in his seat with care.

“As long as you wear women’s clothing to join the cheerleading team, my promise will never be withdrawn!” Jin Jiahui renewed his promise as he sat down at the same table as Feng Yulan.



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